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Naturally you buy CBD oil at a specialized online CBD shop. Confidence, quality and discretion are always high up your list. We invite you therefore to visit our well-arranged CBD web shop, where besides a smile you’ll also find CBD oil in all strengths and formats. Perhaps you have questions about CBD oil? If so, don’t hesitate to make contact with our customer service. We’ll be glad to share our expertise with you in language you can understand.


Due to the new coronavirus CoVid-19, it may take a little longer before you can receive your package. But if you do receive the package, rest assured that we have packed and shipped it with the utmost care. You can read how we work and more information about corona on the customer service page.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol: a plant-based substance derived from hemp. CBD forms part of a large group of substances which we call cannabinoids. CBD is versatile in use for maintenance of health.

CBD Oil or CBD drops are the most commonly sold products that contain CBD. They contain a plant-based oil such as organic or non-organic olive oil or hemp seed oil and a certain concentration of CBD. And in some cases other important substances from hemp as well. For example, substances like CBG, CBD-A, terpenes and flavinoids.

An important distinction is the difference between CBD Oil Raw and CBD Oil Pure. Raw contains more natural substances than Pure, while Pure contains only CBD and has a more refined flavour. It’s all a question of what you prefer. For many brands you can choose between Raw or Pure and the organic brand Medihemp illustrates the difference particularly well.

How Does CBD Oil Work?

In the very readable article “The Endocannabinoid system clearly explained”, you can read about exactly how CBD fits in with our body processes.

Will CBD Work for Me?

Perhaps the key question is whether you would benefit from the use of CBD. Although more and more people are having positive experiences with CBD, we must remain objective. The rising number of positive experiences can easily be explained by the huge increase in the availability and popularity of CBD in recent years.

Science needs time to study CBD better and more closely. Although CBD has the potential to support you, it’s certainly no silver bullet you can direct at any and every symptom. At the end of the day CBD oil is not a medicine but a food supplement. And furthermore every person is different. Whether CBD will work for you depends on your situation, body and history - all matters about which your doctor can tell you more.

What strength CBD do I need?

The strength of a CBD product is expressed in percentages. A percentage of 5% CBD means that 5% of the content consists of pure CBD.

Which percentage of CBD would best suit you depends on a lot of things. Therefore our advice differs per person. One of the first questions we ask you is whether you have tried Cannabidiol oil previously. Perhaps you’ve never tried CBD before. In that case start with a 2.5% or lower oil. Do you want to immediately go for a strong concentration? In that case choose a CBD oil with 5% CBD. An oil with 10% CBD is mainly suitable for those experienced with CBD or if you want to drip less while still taking the same amount. You literally need half as much of a 10% oil as you do with a 5% oil for the same dosage!

CBD oil is available in concentrations of 1.8% up to 18%. You can also find CBD capsules in all kinds of concentrations within these limits. For stronger concentrations of up to 30% you can look at CBD paste. You use this viscous variant a bit differently from CBD oil and it’s supplied in a dosing syringe. CBD creams and salves are less highly concentrated so as to give your skin the relief it needs. 

The process of making pure CBD is particularly complex. For that reason, higher percentages quickly become more expensive. We therefore recommend you start off low. Then gradually increase the dosage if you don’t see much effect. Although this can take longer than you might perhaps hope. Your patience may be put to the test because in some cases of daily use it can take several weeks before you notice any effect. In other words, please don’t expect an immediate result from just one drop.

Will I Get High from CBD Oil?

Good news. No, you cannot get high or stoned from CBD. CBD is not the same as the mind-expanding substance THC. Although both of these substances can be derived from weed, CBD for products such as CBD oil is derived from strictly controlled hemp plants.

Hemp is different from weed because it may not contain hardly any THC. Hemp is actually used in numerous industrial applications and food supplements. Therefore strict inspections are performed on both the hemp harvest and the end product. These inspections ensure that your CBD products are free from the effects of THC but also free from harmful substances.

CBD does not cause any psychoactive effect - on the contrary. A recent study indicates that a high dosage of CBD works precisely to counter the psychoactive effect of THC.

CBD Salve, CBD Paste and CBD Capsules

You can get CBD in all kinds of forms. So, in addition to the well-known CBD oil, there is also highly concentrated CBD paste, available in percentages right up to 30% CBD. Or how about simply taking CBD capsules? These are taste-free capsules which enable you take a very accurate dose of CBD. CBD is also available in suppository form with which you can get CBD into you in a rather different way.

CBD is not just for taking internally. In our shop we have an extensive choice of CBD Salves, Creams and Cosmetics - from shampoo to lip balm. An increasingly fashionable product is CBD specially for pets. We therefore have a selection of CBD food supplements for dogs and for cats.

Why Order from CBD-Expert

A better quality of life through balanced and natural nutrition. Working from this principle, we want to pamper you with great CBD products. Why should you buy from CBD-Expert?

  • All CBD products are rapidly available from stock.
  • Award-winning customer service that has time for you.
  • Competitive prices and immediate discount if you order more of a product.
  • Extensive descriptions and clear explanations about CBD.
  • All pure CBD products of the highest quality.
  • Discreet delivery and payment!

Enjoy free shipping when you spend€25 with us. You will find a huge offering of CBD oils and miscellaneous CBD products, the highest quality and the best service! Naturally, we are very proud of this.

Quality is Paramount

For us quality means you knowing what’s in your CBD product, but also what’s not in it. Many of our products proudly display the SKAL logo on the packaging. That is the quality mark for organically certified products. Among other things SKAL is synonymous with being free from pesticides and heavy metals and free from fungicides and artificial fertilizers. A SKAL-certified CBD product means that you can enjoy your organic product with an easy mind.

Confidence in your CBD Products

You only have confidence in a product when you know all about it before purchasing it. For that reason, we take care in writing extensive descriptions containing everything you might want to know before committing to a purchase. For us, it’s important that you make the right choice.

In our blog you will come across a world of information about CBD. Here we write noteworthy articles about, for instance, CBD Cosmetics, explanations about how CBD works and you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about CBD. The information you read on our website has a scientific basis. We often find this basis in peer-reviewed publications from PubMed. In this way, we separate the facts from the nonsense.

The Best CBD Brands All Together

At CBD-Expert you can find countless CBD products under one roof. That’s something we are very proud of. Top brands which we stock include Medihemp, Jacob Hooy, Hemptouch, Cibdol, Sana Hempjuice, Endoca and Medi-Wiet. All products are carefully selected by professionals with years of experience in the discipline. These brands are even more interesting when you know something about their background and motivation. Just read our blog: “6 CBD Suppliers with a Remarkable Story”

Medical Advice

In conclusion we want to mention that we are not allowed to share any health claims with you, nor do we want to. We don’t want to create the impression that CBD oil is a cure-all. The information and the products on our website are intended for those using CBD as a food supplement in the context of self-care. You should contact your doctor or treatment specialist for medical advice or any doubts about the use of CBD on its own or in combination with your medication.