About us

CBD-Expert is the online health shop for CBD products. With our extensive product knowledge and wide range of over 200 CBD-related products, we endeavour to provide our customers with a good quality of life. We believe that everyone can live a healthier life by combining CBD with a well-balanced and sensible diet. We are a platform where people can come for CBD and other healthy, hemp-related products, including all the information needed for using these food supplements. We want to ensure that CBD is available for everyone in Europe. For that reason, our web shop is displayed in four languages and our products can be ordered by anyone in Europe, provided these products are legal in the country of delivery. We are ready and waiting for you five days a week with the best customer service and maximum shopping convenience.

“Honestly, quality and knowledge; this is what we stand for at CBD-Expert.”

  • A single platform just for CBD and other healthy hemp products
  • Affordable and healthy nutrition for everyone
  • Professional knowledge in the field of our products
  • High-speed and discreet delivery troughout the whole of Europe
  • Honest, proper and professional advice about the use of our products
  • The best customer service - always and everywhere available
  • Only the best products from the best brands
  • Fully focused on the good qualities of the hemp plant
  • Completely disassociated from the recreational use of cannabis

Read the whole story behind CBD-Expert!

The CBD Platform for High-Quality Products and Information

The story of CBD-Expert goes back to 2013, the year in which the trend for CBD originated. A group of enthusiasts with a shared passion for the hemp plant saw a great future for this phenomenal foodstuff. After a lot of deliberation, it was decided to set up a specific web shop for cannabidiol in 2015. One location for everything to do with this substance, with real experts who strive for honesty and quality. Read all about the company which made CBD accessible to all in just a few years and became the platform for CBD-loving Europe: CBD-Expert.

A Sincere Expert

We certainly didn’t sit on our hands during the period between the emergence of the CBD trend and setting up the web shop. More to the point, we worked hard to become sincere experts in the field of CBD. It wasn’t about acquiring a lot of knowledge about hemp plants and healthy food. Our young business already had that thanks to the years of experience of our employees in the sector. But we took it to a new level by seeking to collaborate with CAN, the Dutch Cannabinoids Advice Bureau. Through advice and information from CAN not only did we advance the professionalism of our beginning business but CBD-Expert was also able to maintain a high quality standard which is still reflected today both in the range and the service. In addition to CAN, CBD-Expert is also working with pharmacists. In this way we acquire further knowledge about combining CBD with other medicines. Incidentally, as a non-pharmacist you are not allowed to give any opinions in this area. For that reason the pharmacist was brought in-house so as to make the information available. All this so that we can help customers as best and as honestly as possible.

An awful lot has thus been invested in terms of knowledge. At CBD-Expert, safety is also a paramount consideration. That’s why we closely monitor on a daily basis the research into CBD and hemp. So that we stay on top of the latest findings. In short: are you looking for a CBD product or just some advice? Then at CBD-Expert you can be assured of the most up-to-date and extensive knowledge.

CBD Available for Everyone

In addition to knowledge, honesty and quality, CBD-Expert also strives towards a really important goal: CBD has to be available for everyone. Ever since our foundation, we have believed that a food supplement that originates from a plant that grows freely in nature should be available to everyone. To make this come true, the web shop is available in 4 languages and CBD-Expert’s products are supplied throughout the whole of Europe. Only this can CBD-Expert actually be a platform of high-quality products and information for everybody. Over the years, CBD-Expert has come to excel in shopping convenience and service. With a customer service which is available with extended opening hours via multiple channels, the company wants to support everyone to the best of its ability. Moreover, the editorial team is busy every week writing original and educational blogs about everything to do with CBD and hemp. Check out the CBD Blog not just for information but for your convenience. All of this contributes to well-informed ease of shopping.

The Situation Today

Today we are one of the largest online sales points for CBD and hemp products in Europe. Our range features over 200 CBD-related products from the best brands. CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBDA, CBD Salve, CBD Pasta, Hemp Seed Oil, Skin Care products with hemp… we’ve got it all. Check our our shop and find out more from our blogs or customer service. We are always here to help you!