Get more out of CBD Oil

You bought CBD oil a few weeks ago. As you trickle the oil out every day you will see that the bottle is gradually getting empty. Now that you have more experience of CBD, you are sure to have a number of questions concerning the dosage of CBD oil. Can you increase the dosage without any problem? Are there better tasting alternatives? Keep reading now to learn how to get more out of CBD oil with these 5 tips which will also do your wallet good.

Note: for ease of comparison we show examples of Medihemp CBD oil. Other brands such as Cibdol and Jacob Hooy CBD oils are also excellent for comparison purposes.

1. Take more CBD Drops per Dosage

The simplest way of increasing the dose is by taking more drops of CBD oil each time you take it. Needless to say you’ll use up your stock quicker that way but you’ll be getting more CBD each day. Incidentally, that means a higher intake of oil (olive oil or hemp seed oil), whichever is the base oil. A lot of oil can have a laxative effect but that only applies to extreme quantities. But if as a consequence of consuming this base oil you end up with a sensitive gut then it’s a good idea to discontinue taking it and consult your doctor.

2. Take CBD Oil more often

Another way in which to get more CBD per day is by taking it multiple times per day. But this often proves impractical. Most users of CBD oil take the oil in the mornings and evenings so that the glass bottle can be simply kept at home. If you want to use CBD oil more often, you will have to take the bottle with you to work. That is not only impractical but also not very discreet. CBD oil actually has to be dripped under the tongue which can give rise to people staring if you use the oil in public. Naturally that’s not very nice.

A good alternative for taking CBD oil on the go and when you’re not at home is to opt for CBD capsules. These are usually vegan gel capsules in which a fixed amount of CBD has been dissolved. In this way you can dose yourself without difficulty and take CBD oil more than twice a day. An additional benefit is that you can take the capsules in a completely discreet way.

3. A Bigger Bottle for Extra Economy

Our CBD oil is often purchased in 10 ml and 30 ml bottles. 30 ml bottles are usually much cheaper to buy than three bottles of 10 ml CBD oil. If you take more CBD oil, it benefits your wallet to invest in a bottle of CBD oil with more content. Moreover, it’s less hassle for you because you buy CBD oil less often.

4. Stronger CBD oil

CBD oil is available in different percentages. The percentages relate to the degree of concentration of the CBD oil. A 10% oil is twice as strong as a 5% oil. Consequently, you can take half the number of drops for the same dosage.

A higher percentage of CBD simply means that there is more CBD in the bottle.

Incidentally, it is not easy to manufacture stronger concentrations of CBD oil. It can be said that to double the CBD percentage is twice as difficult. More raw materials are required, for example. More hemp is used to extract the CBD. In addition, the percentage of undesirable substances like THC increases unless measures are taken during the production process. Summing up, the production of highly concentrated CBD oil is labour intensive. That is reflected in the price of CBD oil and is the reason that a 10% oil is more than double the price of a 5% oil.

Example: Your are currently using 5% CBD oil and are considering a 10% oil. These are your options.

  • Double your dosage with the same number of drops.
  • Or halve the number of drops per day for the same amount of CBD.
  • Ideal if you don’t like the taste but still want to take the same dosage of CBD.
  • Note that the price of a 10% oil is more expensive because of the more complicated production process.

5. Does your CBD Oil taste Unpleasant?

People often say that CBD oil tastes of grass. That is not completely true. They all taste different. Each oil is different so that one oil may taste better to you than some other one. Why is that?

Base Oil

In effect, CBD is dissolved in a base oil. Thus the concentration (percentage) can be measured very precisely. The base oil used varies by brand and type of CBD oil. Commonly used oils are olive oil and hemp seed oil. These two oils taste completely different from each other and each has its advantages. Olive oil has the advantage that the flavour is very familiar - after all it’s used a lot in the kitchen. Hemp seed oil conversely is a relative newcomer to the kitchen. But not without reason. Given the large amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids it contains, hemp seed oil is a true superfood.

Organic or Not?

It’s also possible to opt for an organically produced base oil. Both olive oil and hemp seed oil can be produced organically. Among other things that means not using any chemical pesticides during the cultivation, flowering or harvesting of olives or hemp. Incidentally, all of Medihemp’s CBD oils are produced organically  and more and more producers are recognising the advantages of a biological production process and organic CBD oil.

Pure or Raw?

Another factor that affects the taste of CBD oil is the production process. At Medihemp, two types of oil are actually differentiated. A Pure CBD Oil contains only CBD and some traces of other cannabinoids. Care is taken to produce the purest CBD oil possible which makes the oil clearer and gives it a more neutral flavour. Raw CBD Oil on the other hand, contains many more good cannabinoids but also naturally occurring aromas and flavours which we call terpenes. This cocktail of natural substances gives the oil a stronger taste. And, on the other hand, it means what you are ingesting includes not just CBD but also CBD-A which can lead to a possible entourage effect. Unfortunately we are not able to say any more about the effect of CBD oil.

Example: Right now you are using a pure CBD oil based on organic olive oil and are considering switching to Raw CBD oil based on hemp seed oil.

  • Hemp seed oil tastes less ‘familiar’ than olive oil.
  • On the other hand, hemp seed oil contains lots of healthy fatty acids.
  • ‘Raw’ oil tastes more of grass than ‘Pure’ oil due to its cocktail of natural substances like terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • Low-percentage Raw and Pure oils are comparable in price. And so are olive oil and hemp seed oil.
  • An organic oil is often lighter in flavour and marginally more expensive.

CBD Oil Almost Gone?

Is your CBD oil very much to your liking? Next time you order go for a larger pack so that you economise. Not seeing any effect from the CBD oil after three weeks? Then it makes sense to take a more concentrated oil at the same dosage. And would you like to take it more than twice per day? In that case, think about CBD capsules: ideal for on the go and discreet in public!