There are regular stories on the Internet saying not every CBD supplier can be trusted. Quality is very much an issue. What is a high-quality CBD supplier with the best in CBD oil and why? We have put together a top 5 in quality CDB brands with an extensive range and a special story to tell.

N.B. Of course there are other CDB brands which are also good. However, their CBD ranges are more limited. For that reason we have restricted ourselves to this top 5.

1. MediHemp

MediHemp is a brand which was set up by three enthousiastic women in Austria (two sisters and a friend). Together they combined their fondness for hemp into natural, organic CBD products. In MediHemp’s range you will find a huge choice of CBD products. From high-quality CBD pastas to oils with varying concentrations of CBD. A special feature of their philosophy is the belief that everyone should benefit from the products: growers and users.

Fair to the Consumer and to the Growers

One of the unique elements of their CBD products is the degree of transparency about them. They are totally honest about the composition and quality. This is something that really impresses us. On their website, you can inspect all the results of their tests and analyses.

As well as their fairness to the consumer, they are also fair to the growers. For the harvesting and supply of their organic hemp plants, MediHemp use only local Austrian growers. In exchange for their services they pay a fair price.

Organically certified

In addition to the responsible way in which they produce their products, everything is done 100% organically. Only water is added to the products. Apart from that, everything is natural. No chemicals are involved. For this reason, it could be that the CBD oil in your last order smelled, tasted or looked slightly different. Nature is wonderful but different every day. The natural approach means their CBD products can also vary.

As well as the natural production methods, their products also boast all the necessary certificates. They are compliant with the guidelines of the European Authority for Food Safety (EFSA) which guarantees safe consumption for you.

2. Jacob Hooy

Jacob Hooy has been a Dutch brand since 1743. From its beginnings as a tiny herbs stall in the Amsterdam New Market, it has grown into a respected firm in Limmen (North Holland). It's a true family company which goes back generations. The love for herbs, plants, roots and seeds has never left them. This passion flows through the entire organisation. As well as their herb assortment, they also have an extensive range of CBD products.

CBD from Jacob Hooy

Jacob Hooy supplies a large range of CBD products, from oil to soap and from capsules to lip balm. All produced from high-quality, organic hemp. Generally speaking, the products feature a low CBD percentage, making them ideal for anyone wanting to get to know CBD. Their CBD percentages range from 2 to 5%.

3. Stichting Medi-Wiet (Medi-Weed Foundation)

Stichting Medi-Wiet was one of the first producers of CBD. This company was founded by Wernard Bruining, known as the cannabis pioneer of the Netherlands. Wernard’s career began innocently enough - he wanted to be a teacher - but when he came into contact with medicinal cannabis for the first time he changed course drastically. He has played an important role in the area of CBD.

As a result, he offers not just CBD products but also workshops on how you can make CBD oil (or weed oil as he himself calls it). Wouldn’t you like to attend a workshop? He has also written books about the properties and benefits of hemp.

4. Cibdol

Cibdol is a Dutch company with the purity and quality of Switzerland. Their CBD creams, oils and capsules are all high-quality; the gold standard as they themselves call it. They regularly put their production process under the microscope to look for improvements. You can therefore depend on the end result! Cibdol’s CBD products have an attractive golden colour and full flavour.

To keep up their high standards, they regularly have their products tested by external laboratories. This helps them maintain constant, high quality.

CBD for dogs and cats: Cibapet

Cibdol was the first brand to produce specific dog and cat lines with CBD. Cibapet. They really looked into the animals’ needs. They researched the best CBD percentages and enriched the products with fish oil and other important vitamins and proteins. They bring something extra. And they make sure they taste good for your pet. Even Martin and Sascha Gaus are impressed by Cibapet and recommend their products.

5. Hemptouch

Hemptouch is a small Slovenian company which is known chiefly for its CBD skincare products. Their range mainly includes natural CBD creams, balms or shampoo, which sets them apart from the other CBD producers. They combine hemp with the power of other herbs. Ideal for daily use.

Hemptouch produces all its own products so as to guarantee quality. From planting the hemp seeds through to supplying the end product. This gives them full control. And what if they can’t grow the herbs themselves? In that case they use only ingredients for which the Certificate of Analysis (COA) is available.

6. Endoca

Endoca was founded by Henry Vincenty in Denmark. After studying biotechnology and genetics, he travelled the world for decades in search of suitable organic medicines. In the end he came across hemp which changed his world. He set up Endoca. The name Endoca is literally derived from the endocannabinoid system.

Endoca Now

The company is currently enjoying great success. It has nicely extended its range. They don’t just supply CBD oil, but also CBD suppositories, chewing gum, extracts, foodstuffs, crystals and lots more besides. Their production process uses high-tech equipment to make their hemp products. They also submit their products to regular quality checks. This enables them to maintain consistent quality.

What would Suit you?

As you have just read, there are CBD producers who know exactly what they’re doing. That means to say: consistent quality, good products and an extensive range. Still unsure which CBD products would suit you? Then please contact our customer service.. They will be happy to further assist you!