Growing your own weed is like having a kitchen garden. It’s really great to cultivate something yourself and then harvest it later. In this article we show you what benefits are there for the taking by growing your own weed to make CBD oil or weed oil.

In the previous article we touched on the legal issues. It’s not legal to grow your own weed but it is tolerated. You can read what exactly that means for you in part 1 of this series. 

In this blog series:

  1. Part 1: Everything you need to know before cultivating weed yourself
  2. This article: 7 reasons why it’s better to cultivate your own weed
  3. Part 3: Growing medicinal weed yourself in 9 steps
  4. Part 4: 5 steps for making weed oil yourself with a cannolator

Now discover why cultivating your own weed has a lot of advantages!

Reason 1: 100% Organic and Knowing what it contains

Growing your own weed can be healthier than buying weed. Mainly because you yourself select the plant and you know what (organic) plant feed you used.

Have you ever asked yourself what’s in weed? Weed can be contaminated by the soil or pesticides. In the same way as fruit and vegetables, weed is a natural product. The plant absorbs whatever substances it comes into contact with. Heavy metals in the soil, pesticides on the leaves... you wouldn’t want to think that this contamination ends up in your medicinal weed.

It’s not possible to establish whether organic weed from the coffee shop is really organically grown. And there is (still) no official certification for organic weed. You just have to trust the coffee shop.

But the good news is that cultivating your own organic weed is almost childishly simple! It’s literally just a question of choosing organic feed and not using any (artificial) pesticides.

By growing organic weed for CBD oil yourself, you know exactly what goes into it. Choose organic plant feed from Plagron at our partner Dutch Headshop and give your weed plant the feed it’s calling out for.

Organic vegetables

Growing organic weed is just as easy as growing organic vegetables.

Reason 2: Satisfying: Everything under your Own Control!

It’s not just the organic cultivation that’s under your control. By growing weed yourself, you can decide everything. Do you want to cultivate it indoors or outdoors? Do you want a lot of CBD or just THC? And what do you want to do with the harvest in the end? Weed can be used in a vaporizer, put in a cake or used for just making your own weed oil. In a subsequent article we will explain step-by-step how you can make your own weed oil.

Some varieties of weed won’t require a green thumb at all.

Reason 3: Easy!

You might not know it but it’s really easy to cultivate weed or hemp. Some varieties of weed don’t need green fingers at all. What’s required if you cultivate weed in the open ground? All you need to do then is give it some water on dry summer days and a bit of extra feed.

Organic weed plant

Reason 4: Cheaper

It doesn’t matter what you want do with the crop. Smoke the weed (healthier: in a vaporizer) or make your own weed oil. Growing your own weed will always be cheaper for you. 

A gramme of weed in the coffee shop will set you back between € 5 and € 10. Let’s do a quick calculation: In a few months time and with little experience, you can harvest a good 30 grammes from one plant that’s just 50 cm high. If you cultivate outdoors and just give a bit of feed and some water in the dry periods, you can save yourself up to € 250.

Perhaps you have some experience in growing weed and give the plant a lot of attention. Then in extreme cases you could even get 3 kilos from one plant. Please note though: in this case we are talking about a plant that’s from three to four metres high being cultivated using advanced techniques by someone with years of experience.

It can be tempting to see Euro signs on account of the above paragraph. But we strongly advise you to cultivate only for your own use. Cultivating weed to make money is a criminal offence. You should rather see small-scale cultivation of weed as a saving and an investment in your health and trust in your weed. 

Organic Amnesia Haze

Reason 5: Choose your own Taste and Effect

There are hundreds of varieties of weed to choose from but they have one feature in common: they all have great names! Gorilla Glue, Amnesia Haze and Green Doctor aren’t even the craziest names.

An important difference between all these varieties is the ratio of CBD to THC. There is weed from which you can expect a THC percentage up to 25% that contains virtually no CBD. Take Gorilla Glue and Amnesia Haze from our partner Dutch Headshop for instance.

There’s a good chance you’ll see more benefit in a weed variety that contains almost none of the THC which gets you high. There are also varieties specially for you then that contain up to 20% CBD and just a trace of THC. Varieties like Green Doctor, Candida and CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel weed seeds from Dutch Headshop naturally contain a lot of CBD. The benefit? Your mind stays clearer!

Are you considering making weed oil with a higher THC percentage? Roughly speaking the THC/CBD ratio determines the effect. CBD suppresses the feeling of paranoia that THC can invoke. A 1:2 THC:CBD ratio or higher makes for a relaxed, cheerful high.

Your own weed is often tastier as well because you decide when to harvest it. Early harvested weed has more flavour and is often less potent (less THC). If weed is stored for a long time then it loses flavour and potency as well. This is because THC and CBD gradually break down into other substances. In short: fresh weed is the best and the tastiest.

Reason 6: No need for the Coffee Shop

We can easily imagine. You want to make your own CBD oil or weed oil but your ingredients are to be found in the smoky coffee shop. You don’t feel comfortable there. By cultivating your own weed for home-made oil, you don’t have to associate with the coffee shop. Admittedly, not every coffee shop reeks of brown smoke. There are even exclusive shops for which celebrities come specially to Amsterdam.

By cultivating your own weed for home-made oil, you don’t have to associate with the coffee shop. For any reason at all.

Reason 7: Also suitable for THC Oil

In addition to THC and CBD, home-made weed oil also contains other substances. That’s important to know because many of these substances are highly desirable. CBG, CBDA, terpenes and flavonoids, for example.

For that reason, if you make your own oil from weed, we don’t call it THC oil. Weed oil is the correct term. You can’t make oil that consists purely of THC or CBD at home. If it’s made from weed, then we call it weed oil. In contrast, CBD oil is made from hemp and is not allowed to contain more than an insignificant amount of THC. This oil is certified on that basis. You will only find certified CBD oil made from hemp in our web shop.

Curious about the differences between weed and hemp? In the previous article from this series you can read everything you need to know before you cultivate weed yourself. Plus some discussion about the legality and tolerance policy.

weed oil

What else does THC do?

THC doesn’t only make you high or stoned. It has a deeply relaxing effect on your body and mind. Getting high or stoned is no bad thing, as long as you don’t have any commitments at the time. THC has a consciousness-altering effect but that is not the same as hallucinating. Time appears to pass differently and you experience the world differently than without THC. Don’t be frightened if you don’t feel that great for a while - this effect will soon pass on its own. And you won’t get a hangover.

Want to combine the convenience of dripping oil and the beneficial effects of THC? Then cultivating your own weed is the best option. Do be economical with dripping weed oil. The effects can take longer to happen and then last longer than with a vaporizer or joint; the same goes for eating a space cake.

You probably know this already but remember: you cannot get high from CBD oil. CBD oil does not contain any THC.

Conclusion: Satisfying and Exciting!

We trust that you now have some idea about the possibilities provided by cultivating your own weed. And especially about its benefits! In its own right, weed is nothing to get excited about. It’s an ordinary plant which unfortunately gets a lot of negative media attention. Did you know that it’s completely legal in many parts of the world? 

But have regard to the law in the particular country where you want to grow it. As far as the Netherlands goes: if you stay small-scale and cultivate no more than 5 weed plants for your own use then growing your own weed is nothing to worry about. Apart from the fact that you probably cannot wait for harvest time!

Once harvested, you have the means to make your own oil at home. You don’t call that CBD oil, but weed oil. It’s your choice as to whether there is a lot of CBD or THC in your oil. And that’s exactly what makes cultivating your own weed so satisfying.