In this series of blogs we show you how great it is to make CBD oil completely yourself. We talk about which plants make the best oil. Thus, from seed to drop. But can you really make CBD oil yourself from your own harvest? Read this first article for everything you need to know before making oil yourself.

In this blog series:

  1. This article: Everything you need to Know about your own harvest
  2. Part 2: 7 reasons why it’s better to cultivate your own weed
  3. Part 4: 5 steps for making weed oil yourself with a cannolator

It’s important to realise that cannabis and hemp are two different plants. All the CBD oil in our webshop is made from industrial hemp fibre. In outward appearance these plants resemble cannabis plants but there are a couple of important differences. Take the time to read about this because the differences are worth while understanding.

Artificial Selection

Did you know that a chihuahua and a wolf are the same animal species? Some twenty thousand years ago, primitive man decided to feed the tamer wolves to keep the more dangerous wolves away from the village. The tamer, easier to train wolves had wolf pups which were even softer than their parents. Very quickly, primitive man saw how desirable characteristics could be passed on to a new generation. Then one day puppies were born with shorter legs. This too appeared to be a characteristic which was genetically passed on.

It took many thousands of years before the wild wolf turned into a household pet. And yet they are still the same species. Weed and hemp are also the same species (Cannabis sativa L.), but they are not the same. Weed is ‘the household pet’ version of wild hemp.

De verschillen tussen wiet en hennep zijn als de verschillen tussen wolf en hond.

The differences between weed and hemp are akin to the differences between wolf and dog. Top left: Cannabis (Amnesia Haze). Top right: Hemp (Futura 75). Bottom left: Dog (Labrador). Bottom right: Wolf (Grey wolf).

Just as today there are many breeds of dog, there are also many different varieties of cannabis. These are also referred to as different strains or cultivars. They come about through a process which we call artificial selection. That is evolution but one directed by mankind. But what is cannabis then? Cannabis is the collective name for weed and hemp.

The Difference between Weed & Hemp

The fact that hemp and weed have differences is an important aspect of legislation. A crucial difference between hemp and weed is the legally fixed maximum percentage of 0.2% THC in the hemp plant. Hemp is used for industrial applications because, among their other qualities, the long fibres in the stems are really strong. 

The law concerning the maximum THC percentage allows hemp to be grown on a large scale side by side with the soft drug policy. Hemp is used for countless applications in construction, cosmetics, foodstuffs and even the car industry. You can read about all the ways in which hemp is used in this surprising article.

There are more differences between hemp and weed that are noticeable in the plants’ appearance. For example, a hemp plant is taller, thinner, and has fewer leaves and smaller flowers than a weed plant. Correspondingly, the yield from hemp is much lower than from weed

What you should know before we go any further is that a weed plant is cultivated for two main reasons:

  • As high as possible a percentage of cannabinoids (THC,CBD, etc.)
  • A large as possible yield

Thus, there is an important motivation as to why many people choose to cultivate weed so they can make oil themselves: you need fewer plants to make weed oil.

U heeft minder plantmateriaal nodig voor het maken van wietolie van wiet dan voor CBD olie van hennep.

How much hemp you need for a jar of CBD oil (above). How much weed you need for a jar of weed oil (below).

The difference between THC and CBD

One of THC’s properties is that it makes us high or stoned. That’s not to put you off but just so you know. How high or stoned you get from weed depends on how much you take and how strong the weed is. In that respect, it’s no different from red wine. But THC is not only good for getting a high or stoned feeling. THC relaxes you, stimulates the appetite and has a number of other well-researched health benefits.

In chemical terms, CBD resembles THC. And there are hundreds of other substances that also resemble it. We call these substances cannabinoids. CBD doesn’t make you either high or stoned. More to the point, CBD can significantly suppress the high and the paranoid feeling of THC. Furthermore, CBD has many more properties but because further research into CBD is still needed we aren’t able to say a lot about this. 

Want to know more about getting high? Or are you worried about whether you can get high on CBD Oil? Then read this article, which tells you that this is not possible.

We don’t want to make it any more confusing than it is but it’s important to know that ‘weed’ is also the name of the dried flower (or ‘bud’) of the weed plant. Weed, the dried flower, is what you buy at the coffee shop round the corner.

Cannabis Stamboom

Just to clarify: the cannabis family tree Cannabis is the collective name for weed and hemp plants. Different varieties of each are available. Weed plants produce weed, among other things. Weed oil is made from weed. Hemp produces hemp rope and CBD oil, among other things.

The Difference between Weed Oil and CBD Oil

THC and CBD both occur in weed and hemp. But as previously mentioned, the THC in hemp may only be 0.2% at most. CBD oil is made from hemp to keep the THC percentage as low as possible. Because the CBD percentage is also relatively low, it takes an enormous amount of hemp to make CBD oil.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t derive CBD from weed. More to the point, if you make CBD oil from weed yourself, it’s possible to produce highly concentrated CBD oil from a relatively small amount of plant material. But there is an important caveat. It cannot be guaranteed that the THC percentage will stay sufficiently low.

In certified CBD oil the maximum THC percentage is 0.05%. Note that this figure is different from that of the plant. Both maximum percentages apply throughout the European Union. 

Unlike hemp, weed has no legally maximum percentage of THC. If you make oil from weed, it’s referred to as weed oil. Weed oil could contain 0.01% THC and 15% CBD, or 15% THC and a negligible amount of CBD. That’s why you are not allowed to sell weed oil.

THC- en CBD olie

The substances THC and CBD both occur in CBD oil and weed oil (also called THC oil). But the percentage of THC in CBD oil is insignificantly small.

Toleration Policy in the Netherlands

The production of CBD oil is closely monitored by government agencies and the police in terms of the complex legislation. You can probably imagine that from a distance a field with several hectares of hemp would resemble the world’s biggest weed plantation. The complex question of legality cannot really be covered in a single article. Certainly not at the international level.

Because CBD-Expert is registered in the Netherlands, we restrict ourselves to Dutch legislation for your reading convenience. You may well have heard about the toleration policy. In essence, this means you won’t be prosecuted if you cultivate as a hobbyup to five weed plants at home or in the garden and don’t cause anyone nuisance. That also applies to being in possession of no more than 5 grammes of weed.

By the way, tolerance is not the same as legalisation. You are not permitted to have a single plant in your possession.

Coffeeshop Amsterdam

The tolerance policy in the Netherlands allows coffee shops to exist with the moderate use of soft drugs being tolerated. But it is not legal.

Is it Legal to Grow Hemp Yourself?

Given the difference between hemp and weed, you may think that it’s legal to grow hemp yourself and that you can have more than 5 hemp plants. That is not the case. Only a few approved hemp varieties are allowed to be grown, provided you have a permit and a police exemption. One such variety of hemp is Futura 75, obtainable from our partner Dutch Headshop.

Although hemp seeds are very cheap to purchase compared to weed seeds, there is a reason for that. You need a lot of hemp to be able to make a little CBD oil. Do you really want to make home-made oil? Our advice: simply get hold of a CBD-rich weed plant (e.g. Candida CD-1 via our partner Dutch Headshop) if you want to make your own oil. The yield is many times higher per plant than with hemp and the plants usually stay smaller. This way, your neighbours won’t suddenly see an aromatic plant growing above the fence.

Legale hennepplantage op een open akker.

Large legal hemp plantation along the side of the road.

Don’t forget: weed is also just a plant

Now you know the difference between hemp and weed, and also between weed oil and CBD oil. Most authorities have no idea that there is a difference. Weed and hemp, as well as the different oils, are therefore frequently confused with each other. Nor do the police recognise the difference. Put briefly, if you have more than five weed or hemp plants then your are breaking the law and there’s a good chance you could be fined. Do you have between 1 and 5 weed plants but aren’t a professional grower? Then if someone makes a complaint your plants will be removed but you probably won’t be prosecuted.

Klein wietplantje in de regen.

A weed plant is also just a plant. It’s not criminal to grow one such plant. It’s simply fantastic fun!

Growing your own hemp or weed is fantastic fun and nothing to get over-excited about. Keep it on a small scale, grow only for yourself and avoid any trouble. In which case growing weed will be no more exciting than growing tomato plants.

Do you want to try it once? Our partner Dutch Headshop sells discreetly packaged hemp and weed seeds in all kinds of varieties and sizes. And: the seeds are entirely legal! Take a look at their shop.

Home-grown tomatoes taste much better than those from the supermarket. In a subsequent article, we tell you 7 reasons why growing weed yourself is a really good idea.