Concerns about CBD oil often start off with the question as to whether you can get high from CBD oil. That’s not surprising because, after all, CBD oil is made from hemp, isn’t it? Isn’t that what cannabis is made from also? No, that story’s not true. In this short article you can read what’s really the case and why you can confidently take CBD oil without getting high.

As we explained in a previous article, products with CBD may not contain more than 0.05% THC. THC is the substance which causes the feeling of being high or stoned. But at this quantity the substance simply cannot engender a feeling of being high. Certainly not in combination with a large quantity of CBD which actually suppresses this feeling. CBD oil is one of the products for which the law prescribes that it may contain no more than 0.05% THC.

The short answer to your question: No, you cannot get high from CBD oil. You can read the long answer below.

This is what both CBD oil and cannabis oil are made from: the flowers (also referred to as buds) of the Cannabis Sativa, the collective name for both hemp and weed.

So what about getting High from “CBD Oil”?

Why then do some people say you get high from CBD oil? In the first place this comes from misinformation. Some articles on the Internet are still confusing cannabis oil with CBD oil. The difference lies in a number of things which we will explain briefly.

  1. Cannabis oil is not allowed to be sold. In the Netherlands there is a tolerance policy in regard to self-production of cannabis oil for personal use.
  2. CBD oil may contain a maximum of 0.05% THC and its production is regulated and strictly controlled by various governmental bodies.
  3. CBD oil is made from hemp plants approved by the European food watchdog EFSA - in plant form these may contain a maximum 2% THC.
  4. Cannabis oil can be produced quite easily from self-cultivated weed using a Cannolator for example.
  5. The difference between what we call cannabis and hemp lies in the percentage of permitted* THC of the plant. This limit is set to 0.2% for plants. Moreover, we are talking about hemp if it is one of the varieties known to produce virtually no THC and is on the EFSA list.

* THC is actually not permitted. It falls under the Netherlands tolerance policy.

Thus it could be that the person who said you get high from CBD had the wrong information. That’s no problem as long as you realise that they were probably referring to cannabis oil.

Although the plants closely resemble each other (they are actually the same plant type but different varieties, cultivars or strains), we are not talking about cannabis but rather hemp if the plant complies with strict conditions.

Unapproved or Self-produced CBD Oil

Another reason that CBD oil can cause the effect of getting high has to do with unreliable sales. Has your bottle of CBD oil been labelled? Do you know exactly where it was bought from or produced or is that difficult to ascertain online? If so, then it might contain more than the permitted percentage of THC. In itself this is not necessarily bad or harmful, but it’s a possibility when you consider that any Tom, Dick or Harry can produce it in their kitchen. After all you don’t want to experience any surprises.

Other questions that you can ask yourself about homemade CBD oil are: which fertilizers were used? Were pesticides used to control the growth and flowering of the plant? And was the ground in which the plants grew free from heavy metals, for example. These are issues which you don’t have to worry about when you buy CBD online from reliable websites registered in the Netherlands. Because the manufacture of hemp products is scrutinized so closely, it is obvious that the monitoring of these products is extra strict. And if that’s not strict enough, there are also producers who sell organic CBD oil which is subject to even stricter requirements in order to qualify for the valuable SKAL (Dutch Control Authority for Organic Products) certification.

Thus, producing CBD oil is no simple matter. Increasing the CBD percentage while at the same time keeping the THC percentage to the legal limit is a complex task which can only be performed by specialists with laboratory-quality equipment.

The Placebo Effect

Finally, there is the scientifically proven effect that ‘thinking that something happened’ actually induces a physiological reaction. You can get high by being convinced that you will get high! As strange as it sounds, you can have a laughing fit, chill out or develop any other associated symptom, if you’re convinced that you’re using cannabis.

It helps to take our word for it that you cannot therefore get high from good CBD oil. CBD oil is not made from cannabis and consequently may not contain any quantity of psychoactive THC worth mentioning.

One slight aside before we round off this article. Cannabis pioneer Wernard Bruining once said: “Getting high is not scary: it’s just really very pleasant!” So let’s not condemn the recreational or therapeutic use of cannabis with THC but leave everyone free to use it if they wish.