It's amazing. TV advertising shows you skincare products from famous brands but very little gets mentioned in the media about the power of hemp-based cosmetics. It’s high time that special CBD creams were put in the spotlight for once and examined to see what these wonderful skincare products can mean to you.

Skincare with CBD

Everyone dreams of having beautiful, smooth skin. What the creams, balsams and salves in our range share in common is that they are suitable for every skin type. That makes CBD cream widely applicable. Yet there are also differences. For example, some products have a highly specialized application. For use on soiled skin, exceedingly dry skin or flaky skin, for instance. In that case, as well as CBD these creams will contain special ingredients which contribute to the maintenance of these skin types. Other creams, alternatively, are simply for all-round use and are to be compared with day creams or night creams. But do you really need a cream with CBD in the first place?

Also, can I rub CBD oil into my skin?

You might be asking yourself whether you can also dribble concentrated CBD oil onto your skin and rub it around. You can do that of course but do you realise that you would then be using more than is necessary. A couple of drops of CBD oil on the skin every morning and evening and the bottle will be empty before you know it! Besides that, CBD oil makes nasty marks on white clothing and it is actually far too thin a liquid for rubbing into the skin. Also, your skin could turn yellow or green temporarily. It’s therefore better for you to just keep dribbling CBD oil under the tongue.

For these very reasons, cosmetic products have been developed which do not run but spread wonderfully well. It is also the case that CBD salves and creams contain additional ingredients which contribute to the maintenance of your skin. Very often, hemp seed oil forms the base for a CBD cream because it has an unprecedented natural balance of healthy fatty acids. A cream will also contain an emulsifier which allows the oil from the CBD extract and the water in your skin to mix well with each other. As a result there are many advantages to using creams.

What’s in CBD Cosmetics?

That depends on which product you choose and, of course, what you want to use the CBD cream for. Because products differ in purpose from each other, we compare a trio of different creams which are currently on the market.

Soothing CBD Balsam from Hemptouch

Soothing CBD Balsam from Hemptouch contains a base of shea butter, mango and hemp seed oil. The moisturising formula of this cream was developed to spread well. The constituents of this CBD cream include calendula which feeds your skin and soothes from within. Calendula contains naturally antiseptic ingredients. 

This cream does not leave any nasty marks and smells fresh and neutral. It’s also good to know that Hemptouch cosmetics are not tested on animals and none of their ingredients are of animal origin.

Jacob Hooy CBD Cream

The CBD Cream of Jacob Hooy, on the other hand, is simply a widely usable cream without any special application. Jacob Hooy’s CBD Cream is therefore ideal for maintenance of your skin, suited to any skin type and can also be used for children and the elderly with skin which needs looking after. As a result, Jacob Hooy CBD Cream makes a great no-fuss day cream. As well as CBD, this cream contains beeswax, hemp seed oil and xanthan gum making it a bit thicker in consistency than the previously described products.

Beneficial CBD Balsam

The Beneficial CBD Balsam from Hemptouch has a special composition. The fresh and nourishing cream contains 200 mg of CBD, hemp extracts, mango and shea butter that nourish your skin from within. It is a balm that only needs a little bit. By melting a little between the fingertips and then applying it to the skin, you ensure a well-groomed skin. 100% natural and vegan.

How Do I Use CBD Cream?

It’s important to know how CBD ought to be used, and how often, but it’s not that difficult. CBD balsams, salves and creams can be applied directly to the skin. All CBD cosmetics have in common that they spread very well. But make sure not to rub any cream into wounds or open skin. That has nothing in particular to do with CBD, it applies to all cosmetics.

Apply a thin layer to undamaged skin. One or two fingers is already enough for your face or places that need that bit more care.

How often you use the salve is normally dependent on your own preference. This means it’s important for you to listen to your own body’s signals. In most cases the salve can be applied 2 to 3 times a day without any problem. Always read the user instructions and the product description on our website.

CBD Cosmetics

As we learn more and more about the versatile qualities of the wonder hemp plant, we are discovering an increasing number of applications. Incidentally, hemp has more than 5000 applications! From building material to, wouldn’t you know it, maintenance of your skin. It’s only a question of time before we discover what all of us can do with hemp extracts. It is therefore time for a public conversation about hemp and CBD cosmetics.