You can dissolve CBD crystals in oil and place them under the tongue. Also vaporizing is possible with these pure and clean CBD crystals. The crystals look like icing sugar and can easily be used according to one's preference.

Usage CBD oil crystals
Many people use the CBD crystals to vaporize with marijuana oil or a wax vaporizer. But mixing these CBD crystals with cannabis buds is another option. Furthermore, you can use the CBD crystals in oil and wax bongs. Other people use the CBD crystals in tinctures. It can also be used in smoothies or other foods. If you want to experience a strong effect, the best you can do is to let the crystals melt away under your tongue. This allows the mouth's mucous membranes to take up the released CBD so the CBD will soon be effective.

CBD crystal 98% clean and pure CBDCBD crystals
When CBD crystals have a rate of 98%, it means we are dealing with the most clean and pure form of cannabidiol. It is a powdery product consisting of almost pure cannabidiol and few traces of other cannabinoids and terpenes. The CBD is made out of European certified hemp plants. The crystals are obtained through super critical CO2 extraction. In addition, the crystals are also completely free of THC. For you, this means no intoxicating effects will occur after ingestion.

How do CBD crystals look like?
The pure CBD crystals look like icing sugar. It does not look like coarse salt or sugar crystals, though many pictures do suggest that. At least you know it resembles icing sugar, making it easy to use and to mix, for example with the weed you want to use for a joint.

About CBD crystals
CBD crystals are 100% natural and consist of high quality cannabidiol crystals. They contain 0% THC and they are all sourced from the EU. They are all obtained from organic, certified hemp (Cannabis sativa L.). You can add these crystals to food and possibly to (fatty) drinks. The CBD crystals are also suitable for the preparation of oil. They are free from harmful pesticides and other harmful substances.

Pure CBD crystals in a vaporizer
You can use the CBD crystals in a vaporizer. Please ensure that your vaporizer has an oil jar or liquid pad. This means that the crystals cannot simply be used in any vaporizer. We also have tested it for you in the Volcano Digital at 170 degrees. An average of 0.15 grams was used to fill an entire balloon. We used a total of three random subjects in our test, and the effect is that CBD was directly felt in the body of our subjects.

CBD oil or CBD crystals?
There is a clear difference between CBD and CBD crystals. With CBD oil, hemp seed oil is added to a CBD concentrate. With CBD crystals, that's not the case. It means that crystals are pure CBD, without any additional additives, 98% pure! With the vaporizer you will experience the benefits of CBD, you will almost immediately notice the effect.

CBD crystals Applications CBD crystals
Different applications are possible with CBD crystals. You can vaporize CBD, but you can also add CBD to your joint or include the CBD in your homemade weed oil recipe. And of course you can still consume the CBD by dripping it under your tongue. Which choice you make depends on the effect you want to achieve. For example, when using marijuana in your joint, you can add some CBD crystals over it and mix it. This means you really add some CBD to your joint. You will quickly experience the effect.

Endoca CBD crystals
Did you know that Endoca CBD crystals are 100% natural, 100% legal and 100% tested on quality? This applies to all Endoca products. The products are all tested in a private, high-tech lab. Furthermore, the products are examined by an external laboratory. So Endoca products undergo additional tests and there is extra care for quality, from which you will benefit. At the same time, Endoca is GMP and HACCP certified. They do a lot of research on the beneficial effects of CBD. Of all Endoca products, 5% of profits is donated to (epilepsy) research. They created the Endoca Foundation for this purpose.

Delivering CBD crystals
All CBD crystals are packed in a transparent jar. A box typically contains a total of 0.5 grams of pure CBD crystals and you have to keep everything cool and dry. You can last a long time with this package. How long, depends on what you use it for and what dosage you use. Not much is needed to experience the desired result; a low dose already gives you a pleasant feeling.