CBD oil for animals ensures the improvement of the animal's quality of life. With dogs and cats, CBD oil is often used as nutritional support - and that creates miraculous results.

CBD oil for humans and animalsCBD oil for animals
In recent years, CBD oil is more and more being used by people, but also for animals it can significantly improve the quality of life. That's because animals, like humans, also have an endo-cannabinoid system. That's a system that responds to cannabinoids with the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Did you know that your body can make cannabinoids to activate the system? A special name for this is the neurotransmitter Anandamide, which stands for happiness. In animals the CBD oil only starts having effect when the endogenous cannabinoid system is triggered by anxiety, pain or stress. It is focused on improving the functioning of the body when you give CBD oil to your dog or cat.

Results CBD oil pets
A lot of research has been done on CBD oil in recent years, and also on CBD oil for animals. Clinical research is mainly carried out in the USA, but also in Canada. In particular, the effectiveness of CBD to pets was investigated, think about dogs, cats and horses. Research showed good results when CBD oil is used as a support to regular, mainstream medical treatment. 

For what kind of animals CBD oil can be used for?
CBD oil for animals can also be applied in palliative care. This is because CBD can contribute to a dignified end of an animal's life. But when it comes to mental symptoms, CBD oil is used as a kind of guidance or coaching to an animal. The CBD oil that can be used for pets will contribute to both a stable base and balance. Some animals can be very fearsome, for example during New Year's Eve, or when they have been abused, for example. Some dogs and cats get CBD oil administered only because they are so anxious and easily stressed. The advantage of the CBD oil for pets is that no side effects occur. As no THC is present in the CBD oil, your pet won't get high or stoned.

CBD oil for animals is NOT a panacea!
Remember that CBD oil for your pets is not a panacea. It is an agent that can contribute to supporting treatments and reducing your animal's symptoms. Your might see improved functioning of your pets, but always inform your vet when you are going to administer CBD drops to your pet (whether or not combined with other treatments).

CBD oil as a dietary supplement, what now?
If your pet suffers from skin disorders, its fur or its nails, than hemp seed oil can be used as a dietary supplement. If you go for the hemp seed oil plus, then this one is enriched with extra CBD. This ensures your pet gets a healthy base every day, for more balance in energy and health. You'll soon notice that your pet's fur will shine again and that's what it also is about, correct? You will surely feel much better when you see your pet is happy. If your pet suffers from itching, or in case of excessive hair loss, eczema or flakes, you can use CBD oil and reduce symptoms quickly.

CBD for animals How much CBD oil can I give to my dog ​​or cat?
The amount of CBD oil you can give to your dog or cat, depends on the symptom you want to treat. For which purpose you want to use the oil? Usually, the CBD oil is used as a supporting dietary supplement and in that case, one drop of CBD is sufficient, one or two times a day. Often, after one week of daily intake, you will already see the first results for your pet. If, after a week, you do not notice anything yet, you as owner can adjust the dose and give an extra drop every day to your pet. You will go from one drop per day to two drops per day. Please do check what strength you use. Because if you want to administer CBD oil to your pet as a supporting dietary supplement, you do not need a highly concentrated CBD oil. If your pet is sick and you want to use CBD oil to support your pet's treatment, then it is advisable you go for a higher concentration. Think of a concentration of about 2,5% CBD oil.

How do I administer the CBD oil to my pet?
Pets are often fond of nice food, so it is a good idea to put the drop of CBD oil on something tasty. This ensures it will be absorbed little by little through the oral mucosa, and also partly by the gastrointestinal tract.

Pets and CBD oil, it's really possible!
Who would have thought pets can also benefit from CBD oil, just like people? Still not many, but more and more people are now finding out that this oil shows positive results. Dogs, cats and horses, for example, can increase their movements and this can calm them as well, because they experience less stress and anxiety through the use of CBD oil. It also supports a healthy gastrointestinal tract in your animals. Chronic pain symptoms can decrease and the neurological function can improve significantly. Also, the immune system of your pet can be improved with the use of CBD oil. Summarizing, you can also use CBD oil for your pets. Always read the manual before use, so you know what CBD oil dosage you can give to your pet.