CBD oil is a natural product, the oil is made of the flowers and the leaves of the hemp plant. This product is complete vegetable. Learn more about CBD now. It is healthy because it is full of healthy fats and amino acids and also thanks to the presence of Cannabidiol - the healthy cannabinoid from industrial fiber hemp.

CBD oil, what is it exactly?
The flowers and leaves of hemp plants contain a lot of CBD and CBD products are made of this. There is a big difference between marijuana and hemp, and this difference lies in the psychoactive resin which is present in marijuana but not in hemp. A special paste can be made of the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant and this contains a high level of CBD, but no THC. To make CBD oil, in general hemp seed oil is added to the paste which allows for better dosing.

What are good CBD products?cbd information
All CBD products we sell are tested and approved. Medihemp CBD oil is organically certified. All products we sell comply with (high) quality norms. There are various types of oils, the difference lies in the CBD concentration. It can be said that CBD oils with a higher CBD concentration often produce more effect than CBD oils with a low CBD concentration. The highest level of CBD is present in the pastes, which come in a handy syringe.

CBD and THC oil, what are the differences between them?
There is a very clear difference between CBD and THC oil. Because CBD is made of fiber hemp it contains no or extremely little THC. Now let's have a look at THC oil. It is made of cannabis or marijuana and therefore contains a lot of THC with only little CBD. Another name for THC oil is Rick Simpson oil. In the Netherlands this oil is illegal because the THC level is very high. Products that contain THC are simply prohibited.

Is it legal to buy CBD oil?
Yes, all CBD products you can buy here are 100% legal in the Netherlands. Also, in most other European countries these CBD products are legally available. CBD oil is made of industrial fiber hemp and therefore contains no THC. THC is illegal in many European countries, but CBD oil is not and can therefore be obtained legally!

I want to buy CBD products, what is important to take into account?
There are several factors to consider when purchasing CBD products. You should only buy products from trusted online shops "that means here", and you should only buy CBD oil from a reputable brand. Furthermore, revise you don't buy CBD without COAs (Certificate of Analyses). Investigate before the purchase - read about the active cannabinoids in the CBD and check what oil is used to dissolve the CBD. Once you know what you would like to buy, you can best go for the economic packages. In our shop, we put an extra attractive discount on top of that if you buy multiple quantities of one product. Use the slider to check your discount!

Will I get high or stoned on CBD oil?
When you use CBD in a paste (syringe) or oil (pipette bottle), you cannot get high or stoned on it. It is good to know CBD and hemp seed oil are good for your health. Both humans and animals can use the oil.

How many CBD drops can I use at a time?
Using CBD oil requires a different dose for each product and individual. It is important you start slowly, which means starting with a low dose. It is best to use one or two drops at a time, two or three times a day. Then look at the effect and adjust the dosage according to your needs. Information is included with the product, read it carefully before you start using it.

What is the best way to take in CBD?
CBD is best taken in under the tongue. Let it rest so to allow the membranes to take up the CBD. Then swallow the oil. If you don't find the taste attractive, you can also drip the CBD oil onto a piece of bread. Please note you shake the bottle well before each use!

cbd factsWhat are the known effects of CBD oil?
The effects of CBD oil can be different for everyone. Each user may react differently to CBD. There is no single answer, though it can be said it has effect.

I want to try the CBD oil, where can I buy it?
You can simply order CBD oil online from our website. We offer different labels of CBD oil. When ordering today, the oil will be delivered at your place tomorrow. We send our CBD quickly throughout all of Europe.

How should I store CBD oil?
You can best store the CBD oil in a cool and dark place, in the fridge is not necessary, the cupboard is fine. Normally, the shelf life is at least one year after purchase. Be careful that you use the CBD oil at room temperature. When the oil is too thick, warm it up a little. If it is too thin, you can store it in the refrigerator.

Do the products contain hemp seed oil?
Yes, most CBD products contain hemp seed oil. It is an organic product made of cold-pressed hemp seeds. The oil contains high-quality essential components, present in the form of minerals, vitamin B and E, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, hemp protein and carotene.

What should I do if I still have questions about CBD oil?
If you still have questions about the CBD oil, you can always contact us. We are pleased to answer your questions so you know about the benefits and possibilities that come with the CBD products we sell. So don't wonder around with the question in your head, simply contact us if you have any. We are happy to be of service to you.