There certainly is CBD oil on sale which contains no psychoactive THC. And yet CBD oil gets into the news sometimes because some random oil from the street is analysed and still secretly contains the substance that makes you high. What are the facts? In this article we answer the question: can you get high from CBD oil?

CBD Oil without THC? Yes, it exists. And more emphatically, most CBD oil contains virtually no THC. We will explain how that comes about. CBD oil is a combination of a hemp extract which contains CBD and a basic oil such as hemp seed oil or olive oil. The hemp extract happens to cause a lot of fuss. Because, according to the media, ‘you can get high from it’. But is that really true? Time to find out whether the THC substance that gets you high is present in CBD oil.

What are CBD and THC?

Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids - substances which occur in plants of the cannabis genus. Over a hundred cannabinoids are to be found in cannabis, including CBG, CBC, CBN and THCV. The best-known substance in cannabis by a long way is of course THC, the substance which in addition to proven medicinal effects also has a recreational side. People become intoxicated and feel high from THC. That is like a kind of fine glow in the head (or stoned, an effect which is felt more in the body).

CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t produce this kind of glow. CBD is useful in all kinds of other areas. The Internet is full of them. Many of the claims which we are unable to share with you are actually based on sound research. We can at least say that CBD inhibits the high-inducing effects of THC.

The Differences

An important difference between CBD and THC is that THC mainly occurs in cannabis plants and CBD is made from hemp plants. The difference? That is due to the permitted concentration of THC which is fixed by law. We refer to hemp as:

  • the plant which is one of the cultivars from this European Commission list
  • and the THC concentration of which during harvest does not exceed 0.2%.

But in the media the terms hemp and weed are often used interchangeably. Even the police website still references the possession of hemp plants when actually it means the collective name of cannabis.

The Strange Legislation around CBD - Is CBD Oil Legal?

Strict rules have been put in place by the authorities for the permitted concentration of THC in hemp products. One of those rules is:

Products produced from hemp may not contain more than 0.05% THC.

Other rules concern compliance with this law and its enforcement. The production, distribution and consumption of CBD oil form part of the Opium Act which was amended for hemp in 1999. The amendment was that hemp for the production of fibres was legal as long as the plants did not contain more than 0.2% THC. Rules were also drafted for CBD. Well, actually for cannabinoids in general.

Thus, hemp is legal provided the THC percentage in the plant remains under 0.2%. Any substance made from hemp automatically comes under the Opium Act thanks to the way in which the Opium Act was formulated. Consequently, the production of any product from hemp is illegal in the Netherlands. So how is it then that CBD oil features so prominently on the counter in Kruidvat or Holland & Barrett shops?

The production of CBD oil is particularly roundabout. In the Netherlands, hemp is cultivated in enormous fields. This legal hemp fibre is then processed abroad (in some cases just over the border) into all kinds of products like the ubiquitous CBD oil. It is perfectly legal to sell and consume CBD oil in the Netherlands. As long as it doesn’t contain more than 0.05% THC, of course.

Getting high from CBD oil?

Some people claim to get high from CBD oil. Although CBD oil is allowed to contain up to 0.05% THC, this percentage is far too low to get you high. Compare this to an average joint which has between 10% and 20% THC in it. That is some 200 to 400 times more THC than is permitted in CBD oil! In short, the permitted trace of THC in CBD oil is so low that it has no effect whatsoever. So don’t worry about it.

Let’s say straight away that you cannot get high from approved CBD oil.

Why then do some people still get ‘high’? First of all, we should not underestimate the placebo effect. You can convince yourself that you get high from CBD oil. But in this way you could get just as ‘high’ from a glass of water.

Secondly, ‘CBD oil’ is sold on the street and on the Internet which is not to be trusted. This oil is often very competitively priced, non-approved and frequently made from weed in someone’s kitchen rather than from legal hemp fibre under controlled conditions. These bottles of illegal weed oil are what give legal CBD oil a bad name.

Conclusion: CBD Oil without THC

You don’t get high from CBD oil because there is no THC in it. And how do you know that there is no THC in it? Because that is laid down in the law and because all CBD oil has to be approved by a CBD expert so that it is then safe, legal and of outstanding quality. Take a look at our range of approved CBD oil!