The difference between raw and pure lies in the composition of the CBD oil. This comes about through the difference in preparation methods. Thus, the difference is not whether one oil contains additives and the other not.

hemp plants - do you choose raw or pure CBD oil?

What is CBD Oil Raw?

How Raw is Made

Raw CBD oil is prepared in a fairly simple way although it might be difficult to understand. Pure, natural hemp is put into a sealed cylinder in which the plant material is exposed to carbon dioxide under high pressure. Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is the substance that we all breathe out and which plants need in order to grow. It’s therefore present in the air. The CO2 in this process is not liquified or gaseous, but something in between. This form can only exist under very precise conditions and is called the supercritical state. This is not something that you could emulate in the kitchen. It is just as safe as the everyday gas though.

Because supercritical CO2 is stable, reliable, safe, not poisonous and relatively cheap, it’s used as an alternative to alcohol, for example. The great advantage is that all the CO2 from the extract evaporates after the process, meaning that no trace of solvent is involved in this production method.

What is present in CBD Oil Raw?

It contains natural CBD, as well as other naturally occurring substances. Flavonoids, terpenes and other cannabinoids besides CBD, for example. As well as what is referred to as the pure form of CBD, namely CBDA is preserved by this extraction process. And, for many people, that is an important factor.

What does CBD Oil Raw Taste Like?

The taste of raw CBD oil is best compared to wheatgrass or rocket. It tastes fresh, slightly bitter and strongly nutty. In addition the oil tastes naturally fatty because a large part of the oil consists of an added base oil. The taste can be coloured by tasty olive oil or neutral hemp seed oil.

oil on a spoon

The base oil, used to make CBD oil nice and liquid, colours the taste. But with CBD oil Raw, the strongly nutty taste of the hemp extract is predominant.

What is CBD Oil Pure?

How Pure is Made

After the same extraction process as with the raw variant, pure CBD oil undergoes an additional step. To make pure CBD oil, the extract is heated slightly under normal pressure to make it as pure as possible. This converts all the CBDA into CBD and evaporates volatile substances like terpenes and flavonoids. Most cannabinoids are no longer preserved either. The result is a pure CBD oil with a neutral taste.

What is present in CBD Oil Pure?

CBD oil pure consists virtually of CBD only. There are no strong-tasting flavonoids or terpenes in it. Pure CBD oil can be obtained in the same strengths as CBD oil raw. That is dependent on the total amount of CBD contained in the bottle.

What does CBD Oil Pure Taste Like?

Did you know that CBD itself is tasteless? Consequently, with CBD oil it is the taste of the base oil that comes to the fore. This is because the hemp extract has virtually no taste, leaving room for a pleasantly light flavour of olive oil or hemp seed oil. You can read what base oil is used in a product in the product description of the different oils, and it is also stated on the packaging.

organic CBD oil from Medihemp - pure and raw

CBD oil from Medihemp is organically certified. Whether you choose Raw or Pure.

Choose: Will you take CBD Oil Raw or Pure?

Apart from the differences between pure and raw, there are yet more choices to be made when buying CBD oil. We mentioned the base oil earlier. As well as olive oil and hemp seed oil, MCT oil can also be used. That is a relatively new oil derived from coconut oil. Also, one particular oil is not, by definition, organic and the other not. There are both organic and non-organic CBD oils.

Finding it hard to choose? If so, then make use of this handy decision-making article or ask our customer service for help. Please note: we are not able to give any medical advice - after all, we are not doctors.