Effects of CBD and CBDA

A completely natural and vegetable substance that provides a healing effect as food supplement: discover CBD! For an even better effect, use CBDA, which has a higher level or carboxylic acid. Read more about the effect of CBD and CBDA!

Properties of CBD and CBDA
To explain the effect of CBD – which means cannabidiol – it is necessary to know what kind of product we are dealing with. Benefits CBDWhat is CBD? It is a substance that is, as mentioned before, completely natural and vegetable. With cannabidiol our so-called cannabinoid systems can be influenced in a positive way, which on their part support important processes in our body. CBD, and also CBDA, can therefore have a beneficial effect on our health. A number of positive characteristics of CBD and CBDA:

  • CBD is a substance with a curative effect, that can be used for a variety of complaints.
  • CBDA, or cannabidiol-acid, is a strong variant of CBD. This substance has a heightened value or carboxylic acid, which results in a strengthened effect.
  • CBD and CBDA are legal in the Netherlands and in most of the other European countries.
  • CBD and CBDA contain no psychoactive substances and have therefore no mind-expanding effect.
  • With normal use no negative side-effects are known.

Advantages of CBD and CBDA
Many people use CBD and CBDA as food supplement for a good reason. These substances have a healing effect and can be applied in different cases. The effect of CBD and CBDA are expressed, for example, in the support of the immune system. Also the intake by the body of vitamins and minerals is improved. The substances can have a positive influence on different aging symptoms. For example, menopausal woman can use CBD or CBDA for hot flashes, irritability and mood swings.

Treatment of the eyes, skin and mouth
For the treatment of the eyes, for example to see clearly and against tired, burning or red eyes, one can also use CBD and CBDA. Usage ensures strong teeth and an improved condition of the gums. Do you suffer from a bad breath? Also then the CBD and CBDA is effective. Are you getting bald? Use CBD or CBDA to improve the condition of the hair.

Even more benefits from CBD and CBDA
The substances have a positive effect on the airways, on heart and blood vessels and a reduction of the blood cholesterol level. Furthermore, CBD and CBDA are used to lose weight, to improve the intestinal function and to support the urogenital system. CBD and CBDA also have shown its usefulness in the treatment of the skin, muscles and nerves, for example with massages. And these are only a few examples of the healing effects of these vegetable substances.

The ingredients of CBD and CBDA
There is a good chance you have questions about the effect of CBD or the effect of CBDA, the strengthened variant of CBD. It is important to be well-informed about the use and operation of the substances. No medical claims can be made, though for many people it is clear that CBD and CBDA have a curative effect in many applications.

CBD and CBDA are used in the same way. "What is the relation between CBD and CBDA?", you might ask. To demonstrate that, it is important to shortly treat both substances separately.

  • CBD (cannabidiol) can be used for a range of complaints and diseases. On this moment, research is done on the exact functioning of the vegetable substance, which is extracted from cannabis. CBD is no psychoactive substance. In CBD oil, there is no, or hardly any THC included, which gives CBD her healing effect.
  • CBDA contains a lot of carboxylic acid, also called cannabidiol-acid. Freshly harvested hemp contains a lot of this. Through heating or catalysis, this acid form is transformed to CBD, which increases the total level of CBD. So CBDA oil has a strengthened concentration and therefore a strengthened effect. Furthermore, CBDA has, just like CBD, no psychoactive effect.

How do you use CBD and/or CBDA?
Now we know what kind of substances we deal with, it is time to look at how to use it. There are different products with CBD and CBDA, such as capsules, oil, paste and creams. Also the intake of CBD or CBDA via an e-cigarette (KanaVape) is an option.

The right dosage
One of the important aspects is the dosage. If you use CBD oil or CBDA oil, then it is recommended to start with one or two drops a time, once or twice per day. If you use the paste or cream, then it is also important to pay attention to the dosage. Start with a small amount, and after a certain time you can still change the dosage if you'd like.

Oil of CBD and CBDA are taken in under the tongue for an optimal effect. To keep control of the dosage, you can let the drops fall on your hand and then take them in with the tongue. There are also other options to consume it, such as through a massage (absorption through the skin), by smoking it or by vaporizing it.

producer cbdProducer
At CBD-Expert, you will find both CBD oil as well as the stronger CBDA oil. The producer of these oils is Non-profit Organization Medical M., which focuses on the medical effects of medical marijuana oils. Medical claims can not be given (yet), but the non-profit organization performs research on the effect of vegetable medical oil and shows the different possibilities. For example, user experiences are mapped. Because professional medical care is becoming more and more expensive, many people are looking for self-care products. CBD oil or CBDA oil is very suitable for this purpose. The oil is produced with only natural, vegetable substances and does not have a psychoactive effect. This way, the curative effect of the products comes to the foreground. The effect of CBD and CBDA has been endorsed by many people.

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