CBD is made from hemp plants. A natural product and - as we all know - natural products go off eventually. So how do you keep your CBD products good for as long as possible? And for how long can CBD products be kept once you’ve opened them?

How to Store your CBD Oil

CBD oil is (almost) always supplied in a strong, glass jar with a pipette. In some cases the oil is supplied in a UV-resistant bottle but this is not standard. Even if the oil comes in a UV-resistant bottle, we still recommend that you store it in a cool, dark place. Away from direct sunlight and out of children’s reach. Good options are the refrigerator or a cool kitchen cupboard.

Please note: if you have opened your CBD oil, it’s best not to keep it too cold. Otherwise the oil may congeal in the pipette making it difficult to imbibe. A temperature of 17 degrees Celsius is just right; a cool kitchen cupboard.

Why Out of Direct Sunlight?

Why is light and heat so harmful to CBD oil? These elements speed up the decomposition of the natural cannabinoids in the oil. This reduces the quality. It is also possible that CBD in the oil will be converted to CBN. CBN is not naturally present in hemp plants. Overheating CBD produces CBN. Although not harmful, the oil’s CBD percentage will go down. And that would be a pity. Hence our advice: a cool, dark place.


If you store your CBD oil properly, you will maintain the oil’s quality for longer. Generally speaking, at first sight you won’t notice any difference when the oil starts to lose its quality. It looks and tastes the same. All that happens is that the quality of the cannabinoids it contains deteriorate (CBD). You could then increase your intake but better still to look after your CBD oil properly. That will maintain the oil’s quality.

‘Use By’ Date

In general, you should go by the ‘use by’ date stated on the bottle. Always keep this in mind. Have you opened the bottle? In that case the oil is still good for roughly 6 months before the quality deteriorates. After that you should open a new bottle of CBD.

Tip: Don’t Forget to Shake!

Another important tip: don’t forget to shake your CBD oil before you use it. It’s a natural product which means certain substances may well settle to the bottom. Shaking the oil resolves this problem. Always check before shaking that the top has been done up tightly to avoid making a mess.

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What’s the situation with Other CBD Products?

In addition to CBD oil, our range has lots of other products of course. How do you keep these? The very same rule applies here too: store them in a cool, dark place. Away from direct sunlight and out of children’s reach. In this way, nothing can go wrong and you’ll enjoy a good CBD product for longer.

Do you Have any Questions? Then Please let us Know!

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