Leaks and spills; it quickly happens!
CBD oil bottles come in various shapes and sizes. These bottles are perfect to store CBD oil. Though sometimes you need get used a bit to the proper use of a pipette bottle. Spilling oil quickly happens, and after spilling once, the bottle often remains dirty and sticky.

It's better to prevent!
So how do you avoid bottle leaking or spilling?

- Close the bottle tightly.cbd oil leaks and spills
- Never pass the pipette along the edge.
- Make sure no oil enters the threads of the bottle.
- Be careful with transporting the bottle.
- Avoid big changes in temperature.

The CBD bottle
All CBD oil glass bottles are UV resistant. This means they stop UV light. Because UV light has an adverse effect on CBD oil. Something you want to avoid. Therefore, we recommend to store this oil in a kitchen cupboard, so the oil won't get into contact with (constant) UV rays.

Passing the pipette along the edge
It is such a standard motion you almost do it without thinking. But by passing the pipette along the edge, you lubricate it with oil. This oil enters the cap and that's only the beginning. You'll understand; you’ll have a mess in no time.

cbd oil leaks and spillsCleaning the bottle
The moment you notice you are spilling, it is important to directly clean it. Otherwise, the oil is going everywhere and the bottle will stay sticky and dirty the rest of the time. This is very annoying, so better clean the bottle with a paper towel.

Oil and leaks
Of course it can always happen you spill some oil. The big disadvantage is that oil is quickly spreading, and it seems like half of the bottle's content is gone. In reality, just a drop or two is sufficient for staining the entire label. Therefore it important you directly clean the bottle when spilling.

CBD oil transport
You want to bring along CBD oil, which we understand of course, you don't like to break a healthy habit on holiday. Whether you go to work, on holiday or to a dinner party: Bringing along CBD oil can be handy.
A few useful tips so the risk of leaks and stains during transport are minimized:
- Try to transport the bottle upright.
- Avoid extremes temperature fluctuations.
- Transport the bottle in a small plastic bag.

CBD in plastic
When bringing along CBD oil, always keep it in a small plastic bag. This way, possibly leaked oil is collected and won't end up in your bag. A leaking bottle is already bad enough, but getting your bag or pocket also involved is even more annoying.