CBD oil can be bought in a shop, but weed oil is something you can only make yourself. Weed oil contains more substances than just CBD and is produced from weed, in contrast to CBD oil which is made from hemp under strict controls.

You can extract both CBD and THC by following the steps in this article. But make sure you are familiar with the law. In the first article we touched on the legal issues. It’s not legal to grow your own weed or make weed oil for your own use but it is tolerated. However, it is absolutely forbidden to deal in weed oil. You can read what the toleration policy in the Netherlands means for you in part 1 of this series. We would like to advise you that making oil and cultivating weed for your own use is entirely your own responsibility.

In this blog series:

  1. Part 1: Everything you need to know before cultivating weed yourself
  2. Part 2: 7 reasons why it’s better to cultivate your own weed
  3. Part 3: Growing Medicinal Weed Yourself in 9 Steps
  4. This article: 5 steps for making weed oil yourself with a cannolator

Let’s order some weed seeds and get them to germinate!

What is a Cannolator?

A cannolator is a complete set of equipment for making weed oil yourself using the method of cannabis expert, Wernard Bruining. With a cannolator you can extract cannabinoids like CBD and THC from either your home-grown weed or cannabis bought at the coffee shop. In a very short time you can prepare a jar of weed oil for dripping under the tongue.

By mixing the harvest from your self-cultivated weed plants with alcohol, the substances such as THC and CBD are released. All that’s left for you to do is evaporate the alcohol and add a tasty base oil. No problem. We tell you exactly how to go about using the cannolator.


Because you are involved in heating alcohol, it’s important to have proper ventilation. The best idea is to work directly under the cooker hood so the flammable vapour can be extracted immediately. You must also be present all the time throughout the entire process.

What do you need in order to make weed oil?

We always refer to it as ‘weed oil’ and not CBD oil because we prefer to use the correct terms. Although weed oil can also contain a huge amount of CBD. You can read about the exact differences in part one of this series.

This is the cannolator with all its accessories. Inclusive of two extraction tubes and three pipette bottles.

You need: 

  1. The Complete Cannolator Cannabis Extractor package. Simply order the cannolator in our store: Click here.
  2. 120 ml pure alcohol, suitable for consumption.
  3. 20 grammes dried weed from your own harvest.
  4. Olive oil or organic hemp seed oil for diluting the extract.

You can order the complete cannolator online at our partner Dutch Headshop, a friendly Dutch company with award-winning customer service. At Dutch Headshop you can also obtain all kinds of weed seeds so you can decide for yourself which type is the most suitable for your purposes. Your order will be delivered discreetly in unmarked packaging.

The alcohol can be found elsewhere online. Make sure you order alcohol that is suitable for consumption. Cleaning alcohol, for example, has had methanol or acetone added to it making it poisonous and unfit for consumption.

Preparation Method for making Weed Oil

These five components comprise everything you need for making weed oil yourself. So let’s get started straight away.

  1. Weighing your harvest
  2. Filling and sealing extraction tube
  3. Adding alcohol
  4. Evaporating and heating
  5. Diluting with base oil

1 - Weighing your harvest

Use kitchen scales to weigh out 20 grammes of dried weed. You can use both flowers and leaves to make weed oil. That’s nice because the valuable flowers can also be used in a vaporizer but the leaves cannot. The quality from flowers (also referred to as buds) is better than from leaves. This is because they contain more of the cannabinoids like CBD and THC. It is vital that your cannabis has been dried properly.

Essential for weed oil: weed with a great aroma.

2 - Filling and sealing extraction tube

Use a teaspoon to put the weighed-out weed in the supplied glass tube. We call this tube the extraction tube. It’s important to make the plant material very fine. You’re not supposed to put whole flower buds in the extraction tube. Don’t hesitate to finely cut up and/or sieve your weed. Make sure it still comes to exactly 20 grammes. After every two teaspoonfuls, compress the weed gently with the supplied scraper. Press firmly but not too hard. The alcohol must still be able to seep through the plant material.

Place the extraction tube in the cannolator. Place the bottle heater which is also supplied on the cannolator’s metal platform. Half fill it with water to stop the cannolator from becoming too hot. Now place the measuring jug in the heater.

Next stick the air tube for the pump in the hole at the back of the cannolator (metal upright) and let this dangle in the measuring jug. Ensure that the air tube does not come into contact with the substance. The air pump makes the extraction process go some three to four times faster! 

Now connect the air pump and switch the bottle heater on at 100 °C (highest position). Place the supplied thermometer in the measuring jug. During the evaporation process the mixture will not get hotter than 80 degrees. Pre-heating is important to avoid the mixture from becoming encrusted to the measuring jug.

3 - Adding alcohol and dripping out

Now pour 120 ml alcohol into the extraction tube on your weed. The required substances are immediately released into the alcohol and drip from the bottom of the extraction tube into the measuring jug. It can take from one to two hours before all the alcohol has dripped out. During this time make sure the measuring jug is kept at temperature.

All in all, you will have produced your own bottle of weed oil inside of three hours.

4 - Evaporating and heating

The alcohol which you have added is 5% water. As soon as the temperature rises above 80 °C, all the alcohol is evaporated. Then it begins to bubble and the water starts to evaporate. Now there begins an essential process for the preparation of weed oil: the decarboxylation process. This is actually a complicated name for something quite simple: the heating will activate both the THC and the CBD! The evaporation is completed when no more bubbles appear and the oil is nice and smooth. This is point at which you turn off the bottle heater.

5 - Diluting with base oil

At the end of step 4 you will be left with approximately 2 grammes of pure weed oil. This oil is far too strong for consumption. It is therefore important to dilute the oil. You can choose to do this either with olive oil or the organic hemp seed oil that we highlighted earlier.

Fill the 10 ml pipette bottle with your oil of choice but not to the top. Pour the entire contents of the bottle onto the pure weed oil and heat it all for another ten minutes or so. You can stir the measuring jug during this procedure to help it all to mix faster. Pour the still warm mixture back into the bottle and allow it to stand with the top off so it cools down properly.

All in all, you now have your own bottle of weed oil made inside three hours. Store your home-made weed oil at room temperature in a dark place. The content will keep for several months.

The colour of your oil may vary but that is nothing to worry about. Have you followed the instructions? Then your weed oil is ready for use!

Using weed oil

You use weed oil in the same way as CBD oil. A few drops under the tongue, keep it briefly in the mouth and then swallow. Be aware that it can take up to an hour before you begin to notice anything. The effect will depend on the variety of plant you used for making the oil. However, we should warn you that a few drops of weed oil with THC can be unbelievably strong. Not only are you absorbing all the cannabinoids, but by taking it via the mouth the effect can be more powerful and last longer.

Making your own weed oil is really satisfying and useful. The more often you do it, the more skilled you will become. It’s like a recipe for a nice meal - there comes a point when you know all the steps by heart. Would you like to make weed oil once under instruction? Then we can heartily recommend you take a course with the Dutch Mediweed Foundation Nederlandse Stichting Mediwiet.

This article on making weed oil is the final one in this series. Do you have any questions about cultivating weed yourself based on this article or others from this series? Are you still finding it all a bit too much? Our customer service is ready and waiting for any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us via this link: CBD-Expert customer service.