Organic CBD oil
Medihemp's organic CBD oil is an oil that is extracted in a unique way. Only the buds of the hemp plant are used. You are looking for organic CBD oil? Then Medihemp's organic CBD oil is a good choice! Because Medihemp is the only supplier producing organically certified CBD oil. For a good picture of all of Medihemp's CBD products, you can best go to the online product assortment. The good thing is you don't need to go to the shop, you can consult all information online!

Organic CBD oilOrganic CBD oil, what is it?
Before we explain in detail what organic CBD oil is, it is good to know that during the production process of Medihemp's CBD oil, only the buds of the hemp plants are used. That makes Medihemp's products unique, and different compared to other labels that offer CBD oil. Medihemp organic CBD oil is a pure natural product. This means that the oil is not mixed with other components. An additional advantage which makes this Medihemp product so strong, is that it does not contain a strange level of THC, so it won't make you high or stoned. The organic CBD oil has a nut-like taste.

Variants organic CBD oil
When you use the organic CBD oil as a food supplement, then it can be used as drops, available in different concentrations:

  • Organic oil with 2.5% pure cbd
  • Organic oil with 5% pure cbd
  • Organic oil with a good 10% pure cbd 

Which one to choose, depends on what you would like to use the oil for. See our website which products are available, and which concentrations best matches what you are looking for. Then you can directly place your order.

How many drops of CBD oil do I have to use?
How many drops of organic CBD oil you can use, depends on the concentration of the oil you use. The label indicates how much you can maximum use per day. Often two or three drops per day is sufficient. With this amount, you will already experience the wholesome effects of CBD oil.

Are there any side-effects with this organic CBD oil?
With regular use of this organic CBD oil, no side-effects are known. Therefore, you can use the oil without any worries and see the benefits it brings to you. It is good for you to know that no side-effects are known. This also means you know you can use this product, and after reading the label you know how much you can use of it (each day). If you have any worries or questions about this, then you can always contact us and we are happy to give you guidance.

Benefits Medihemp's organic CBD oil
Medihemp's organic CBD oil has many known benefits.Benefits cbd oil
Medihemp's organic CBD oil is made of organic hemp seed oil. Furthermore, it contains pure CBD oil. You can be sure of this, because Medihemp is a reliable company that applies stringent controls, so you can count on the quality of the CBD oil.
The organic CBD oil has a light, nut-like taste and many people actually like this taste. The oil is obtained through oil extraction, which ensures a pure product.
Medihemp's organic CBD oil is completely organically certified, which of course contributes to this product. A final advantage of this CBD oil, is that it does not have any side-effects with normal use. So you can use this oil with peace of mind. We do recommend to read the leaflet, to check how many drops per day you can use as a maximum.  

About Medihemp
Medihemp is an organically certified company and they provide the organic CBD oil product. This is good quality oil, and all products are subject to quality controls. This information is also made publicly available, so we are sure that we deal with quality CBD oil. An additional advantage is that the brand is SKAL certified. Therefore, a producer needs to comply with strict requirements. The organic CBD oil also needs to be of constant high quality. This process is under constant, tight control, so we only provide the best of the best when we deal with CBD oil and other Medihemp products.