2019 can justifiably be called a turbulent year as far as CBD is concerned. Hardly a month or even a week went by without CBD appearing in the news. Sometimes in a negative way, but mostly positive. CBD Expert’s editorship thinks it’s a good moment, at the start of 2020, to evaluate and draw up a balance sheet. We will, of course, do this based on scientific research.


Gastro-intestinal disorders

In May 2019 it became clear that CBD can be helpful in cases of inflammatory bowel disorders. Nottingham University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences carried out a randomised and controlled study into the effect of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) or CBD on the absorption of lactulose and mannitol in people with 600 mg of aspirin. This showed that PEA or CBD reduced the absorption of lactose and mannitol after aspirin, in the first instance, had produced an increase in the absorption of lactulose and mannitol. The researchers conclude that both CBD and PEA reduced permeability in the large intestine or colon.


Approximately a month later the NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information) published an article to the effect that CBD extracts can improve the quality of life for people who suffer from epilepsy. An open study at the University of Alabama in Birmingham showed that 53 patients with epilepsy had demonstrated a significant improvement in their quality of life after a year’s treatment. The researchers also indicated that CBD extracts have no influence on epileptic attacks. [2]

53 patients with epilepsy showed significant improvement in their quality of life.



Glioblastoma is a relatively unknown but fatal illness. Patients suffering from Glioblastoma multiform grade IV have a life expectancy of around 14 to 16 months. We won’t go into what is involved in the illness, but in any case an open study at the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine of Klagenfurt Clinic in Austria showed that CBD can have a positive effect on survival with glioblastoma. 9 patients with gliobastoma took CBD at the same time as the standard therapy. After the article was published, 8 patients with a median survival time of 22.3 months (range, 7 - 47 months) were still alive. [3]

Reduces Psychological Effects of THC

Anyone who has used CBD in his or her life knows that CBD, in contrast to THC, has no psychoactive or psychological effects. Last year researchers from the University of Western Ontario in London (Canada) published yet another study that shows that CBD functionally reduces the neuropsychiatric side effects of THC. The results of the study reveal that a new molecular mechanism could be responsible for this. However, they have not identified the mechanisms by which CBD reduces the side effects of THC. [4]

cbd vs thc

Novel Food

So was it a case of good news only about CBD last year? No, not so. Leastwise, not for people who want to keep freely and legally obtainable controlled CBD oil on the market. At the beginning of 2019, CBD-land was disturbed because all cannabinoids were included in the Novel Food Catalogue all of a sudden. By virtue of this change, all CBD products have immediately acquired the status of Novel Food in the Netherlands. Among other things, this means that all products with CBD have to be approved before they can be sold. It may not even be possible to sell them in the same way as currently happens. And that is crazy because every pharmacist, health shop and web shop that trades in food supplements has CBD products on its shelves. CBD is even available in supermarkets. If suddenly it all has to be approved first, then you can imagine that the shelves will be empty for a long time: all of them and all at the same time. 

It’s still not clear what exactly is going to happen. Nothing has changed so far and all CBD products are still freely on sale. Virtually nothing more was revealed about the subject during the remainder of 2019. Furthermore, neither is it known in what time scale more will be published about the status of CBD. In any event, let us hope that in the future we can still simply buy a bottle of CBD oil, a jar of CBD capsules, CBD cream and other CBD products in the shops.

Expectation for 2020

It’s difficult to say what we might expect in 2020 in relation to CBD, except to say that plenty of research still needs to be undertaken. New facts about CBD will be revealed but they will be accompanied by new fables being born into the world. For that reason it’s important that you don’t accept and believe everything uncritically. First of all, check to see that thorough and reliable research was carried out. Then CBD will probably prove its value to you too!