You can take CBD Oil in various ways. Dripping under the tongue, mixing with your drinks, swallowing capsules or using another form of CBD products. But now a really way-out method has been added to these. Namely: Taking CBD Oil via the navel. No, it’s not a joke. Your navel can do more than you think.

Some people find the taste of CBD Oil pretty vile. We have found the solution to this: the Pechoti method. This enables you to take substances into your body via the navel. Yes, really, the thing which normally speaking you only come across when removing fluff, is a handy instrument for taking CBD Oil.

How does it work?

The navel is the part where the umbilical cord entered the body during your period in the womb. What most people don’t know is that behind that button on your stomach are hidden some 70,000 veins. Each of these veins leads to various organs and other places in your body where you want substances from the CBD oil to reach. We call this the Pechoti gland.

CBD Oil and Cannabis Oil contain cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, fatty acids and a lot more substances which the navel can distribute. Simply pour a bit of CBD Oil or Cannabis Oil from your pipette bottle into your navel while lying or sitting and let the Pechoti gland do the work. Spare yourself the trouble of getting substances from CBD or Cannabis into your navel by another method. Bits of weed, vapour or crystals don’t work. The navel works perfectly with oil.

Benefits of taking CBD Oil via the Navel

We can easily understand that you may find it a bit peculiar and are thinking: ‘Well, that’s not for me.’ But the Pechoti method does have many advantages:

  • You can find out in a very user-friendly way what CBD Oil could mean for you
  • You don’t have to do anything, just lie down
  • You don’t have to worry about the taste of the oil any more
  • Doesn’t just work with CBD Oil but also with Cannabis Oil
  • The Pechoti gland can absorb all the substances from CBD or Cannabis oil.

Is it just a bit too peculiar for you? How about taking CDB Oil using a different method? Read our blog “10 Unique ways to Take CBD”.

History of the Pechoti Method

The Pechoti method has been used for hundreds of years. It represents one of the oldest holistic methods. The origins of the method lie in India. But it has been known for thousands of years in other places such as Egypt, Greece, Rome, Tibet, China, Russia and Japan.