For many people it is not completely clear what kind of substance CBD (cannabidiol) is and what kind of effects it can have on your body. Therefore it is good, before you start using it, to learn more about it. We will first explain more about its origin, its properties, the effects and the current state of medical research on CBD. Read further and learn everything about CBD.

CBD: vegetable and natural
Cannabidiol is a vegetable substance that is cultivated in a natural way. Because it concerns industrial cultivation, it is ensuredCBD vegetable and natural that a high level of CBD, as active substance, is present in the plants. Wholesome properties are attributed to CBD.

CBD vegetable and naturalFor example, it can help against different pain complaints, one can use it as food supplement and it can accelerate or improve different body processes. Without giving any medical claims, the positive experiences of many people show that CBD can really have a healing function.

The advantages of CBD
CBD influences our cannabinoid system in a natural way. This means that systems that function as signalers of our endogenous processes, are being stimulated. Consequently, CBD can contribute positively to the functioning of our body. Other advantages that are often attributed to CBD are:

  • Increased resistance and improved immune system;
  • Helps against fatigue and improves a healthy, natural night rest;
  • Supports our regular diet as food supplement;
  • There are no side-effects known with normal use;
  • Supporting when taking in extra nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and different omegas.

What is the effect of CBD?
The interest in CBD is increasingly among scientists, doctors and patients. The latter group of course wants to try out everything to reduce unpleasant complaints or diseases where main-stream care does not provide a solution. However, for this purpose extensive research has to be done on the precise effects of CBD in different situations.

The research is in full swing in recent years. It is, however, too early to make any claims about the medicinal effects of CBD, or to make any health claims about the substance. On the other hand, there are personal experiences of many persons that benefited from the use of CBD, for a very diverse range of complaints. For those, the use at least had a favorable outcome.

Sometimes, the psychoactive effect of CBD next to the physical effect is still unclear. In CBD products, there is no, or hardly any THC present. Therefore, no psychoactive effects are experienced by using CBD. This way, you purely benefit from the favorable effect that CBD has on your physical condition.

In what form CBD can be taken in?
If you decided to try out CBD and to see what positive effects it has on your body, the options are numerous. A short list shows which types of CBD products are available on the market:

  • CBD oil (or CBD paste)
  • CBD cream
  • E-cigarette with CBD extracts

cbd productsCBD oil (or paste) can be taken in orally, or added as as flavor to a meal. This way you take in CBD directly and you can reach an optimal result with a few drops per day. The CBD cream is an easy to spread cream, so quickly absorbed by the skin. Apart from the vitamins and minerals that are absorbed by the skin, it also leads to a healthy, uniform and smooth skin.

You can also order an e-cigarette and add a cartridge with CBD-liquid. So you can inhale CBD without the health risks that come with smoking. Inhaling CBD is seen as the most effective way to consume the substance.

CBD intake through different methods
Because there are different methods to use CBD, there is always a method that fits your own preferences. You can also switch between the use of oil, paste, cream and the e-cigarette. Important is to first study the right dosage of your CBD product. You can best start with a low dosage, that you can always increase over time.

Where does CBD come from?
What is CBD? After you have received an extensive answer to this question, you are probably curious where the substance comes from. Different producers in Europe are authorized to supply CBD products for retail to consumers. CBD-Expert only makes use of suppliers that can guarantee a completely organic cultivation and natural process. This way, you can be assured of premium products of high-quality and optimal results.

The different CBD products are produced by Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana, MediHemp and KanaVape. All of them are suppliers that comply to the stringent rules and requirements of European labels and certificates.

These suppliers guide the whole process, from harvesting of plants till the final production of CBD products. The process is organic from start to end, without the intervention of third parties. Pesticides or other chemicals are not being used.

At CBD-expert, you are assured of the highest quality CBD products and you can profit for a long time of all the benefits that brings CBD. Have a look at the offer of CBD products and place your order today!