Cannolator | Making Cannabis Oil Complete (Medi-Wiet)

Cannolator | Making Cannabis Oil Complete (Medi-Wiet)
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With the Complete Cannolator, you can produce weed oil really easily. In just 2 hours, you can make reliable and concentrated weed oil with THC and CBD. Anyone can make weed oil with the Cannolator. This is a complete package that includes the baby bottle heater and air pump. The glasswork is high-quality borosilicate glass and various accessories are included. Whether you cultivate yourself or get your weed from elsewhere. All you have to do is buy alcohol and you can then get going on your home-made supply of weed oil.


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Is it easy to make your own weed oil? It is with the Cannolator cannabis extractor. Using this complete package, you can produce home-made weed oil, with or without THC, within 2 hours.

  • Complete package
  • Make weed oil yourself within 2 hours
  • Save 50% alcohol compared to brewing
  • Glasswork made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Designed by Medi-Wiet founder Wernard Bruining

Weed Oil versus CBD Oil

The difference between weed oil and CBD oil is that weed oil contains both THC and CBD. Although it is not permitted to sell weed oil, it is possible to make this oil for yourself. The cannolator is a piece of equipment that helps you to make weed oil in a reliable and easy manner.

Weed Oil with THC

Besides the effect that makes you high, THC has other qualities as well*. Weed oil by nature contains THC and you can make it yourself with a few grammes of weed leaves or flowers. And because you make it yourself, the oil is reliable, with the same composition time after time.

*As we are not doctors, we are not allowed to tell you anything about the applications for THC or CBD.

Making Weed Oil with the Cannolator

Anyone can make weed oil - it’s that easy! Use 120 ml of alcohol that is suitable for consumption (not supplied) for 20 grammes of weed leaves or flowers to make 2 grammes of pure extract in just 2 hours. Consult the extensive manual for making weed oil and the video clip at the bottom of this page to see how exactly this works. Here’s a brief step-by-step plan to give you an idea:

  1. Fill the extraction tube with 20 grammes of weed leaves, weed waste cuttings or buds (flowers)
  2. Place the extraction tube in the cannolator
  3. Add 120 grammes of alcohol to the extraction tube
  4. Fill the baby bottle heater with water and switch it on
  5. Leave the cannolator to empty itself drip by drip into the measuring jug
  6. Allow the alcohol to evaporate
  7. If after about 2 hours a smooth liquid is left over, the paste is ready.

Important: make weed oil only in a well-ventilated room. You are evaporating alcohol after all.

Diluting the Paste Extract

You produce a highly concentrated paste with the cannolator. To make oil, you need to dilute this with hemp seed oil or olive oil, for example. 

  • Dilute 5 x = 1 bottle x 10 ml = regular strength
  • Dilute 10 x = 2 bottles x 10 ml = sensitive people
  • Dilute 15 x = 3 bottles x 10 ml = maintenance dosage

Package Contents

  • Cannolator stand
  • 2 extraction tubes of 37cm
  • 1 measuring cup
  • 3x 10ml pipette bottles
  • 1 customized cleaning brush
  • 1 thermometer
  • 1 baby bottle heater
  • 1 air pump
  • 1 leaflet with instructions

About Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana (Stichting Medi-Wiet)

Medi-Wiet was founded in 2009 by Medical marijuana pioneer Wernard Bruining. Bruining and his team explored ways for reaping the benefits of medicinal cannabis without the psychoactive effects. Bruining is therefore a front-runner in the field of CBD oil, as we know it today. Medi-Wiet Golyoli, a 2.5% strong CBD oil, soon became one of the best-known CBD oils available.

Self-care is of principle importance to Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana. The organization's noble vision is to promote self-reliance with simple self-care resources, in a world with ever more expensive medical care. Medi-Wiet sees it as a challenge to teach people to take care of themselves. Medi-Wiet regards this as a universal right and a sensible choice.

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You can extract oil from cannabis or hemp yourself, with an oil extractor. You can make all sorts of oils, but at your own responsibility.

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literally everything is in this. the kit is well thought out, and the process is simple enough even for me. I like that you can whip up your own concoctions in no-time and decide what to use as ingredients. if only I could find those ingredients here in Scotland...
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Review by Farrah / (Posted on 06/02/2020)