CBD e-cigarette

Below you will find all our CBD containing E-cigarettes. CBD E-cigarettes contain the substances CBD and CBDA which have a wholesome effect and positively support the functioning of the body. The CBD e-cigarette can be used for various complaints. The best CBD E-cigarettes are available in different types and quantities, so you have plenty of choice and you can order the e-cigarette that fits your needs. You can choose between the brands Cannapower, Kanavape, Enecta and Satijah. Apart from the E-cigarette you can also buy different CBD E-liquid products here. CBD E-liquid can be used in a refillable CBD E-cigarette and provides a wholesome effect. Among the E-liquid products, the brands Harmony, Kanavape and Satijah are very popular at the moment.

CBD e-cigarette

Would you also like to enjoy the benefits of CBD and CBDA by smoking a CBD e-cigarette? Then you are at the right place at CBD-Expert! Our e-cigarettes contain CBD, a cannabidiol that has a curative effect on our body. By vaporizing it, you will experience the positive effects of CBD in the very best way. For a good reason the CBD e-cigarette becomes ever more popular. Read more information about this product now!

Characteristics of the CBD e-cigarette

When you use the CBD e-cigarette, you will notice the wholesome effect of CBD and CBDA on the body quickly. If you vaporize and then inhale CBD, you have the advantage that the vapors are less harmful and that the active substances are activated quickly.

Because the CBD extract does not contain THC, you won't experience any psychoactive effects of the CBD e-cigarette. So the emphasis is entirely on the virtues of CBD and CBDA. These cannabinoids influence our so-called cannabinoid systems, that support vital functions from our body. A list of the properties of the CBD e-cigarette:

  • CBD and CBDA have a curative effect, that has been experienced by different users for a variety of complaints.
  • The amount of CBD and CBDA in the extract is 5%.
  • The extract is organically produced, which makes it a completely natural and vegetable product. The extraction process ensures that all beneficial substances are preserved.
  • Next to CBD and CBDA, the extract further contains other cannabinoids that support the functioning of the body in a positive way.
  • There is no THC in the e-liquid, which means that there is no psychoactive effect. Use in the Netherlands is legal, just like most of the other European countries.
  • The CBD e-cigarette is handy and easy in use.
  • At normal dosages, no side-effects occur.

Advantages of CBD and CBDA

CBD and CBDA have a healing effect on our general health. This is because it influences our cannabinoid systems. On their part, they influence different essential body functions. Also for more specific complaints, CBD and CBDA can have a positive effect, though no exact medical claims can be done. Many users already experienced the positive effect of the CBD e-cigarette.

What now follows is a short, non-exclusive list of the advantages of CBD and CBDA. CBD supports the immune system, improves the uptake of vitamins and minerals and has a positive effect on different aging symptoms (such as hot flashes, irritability and mood swings).

Furthermore, CBD has a beneficial effect on seeing clearly and helps against tired, red and stinging eyes. Apart from that, it supports the treatment of cold sore, strong teeth and an improved condition of the gums. Also, CBD and CBDA have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair. A softening influence on the airways, a positive effect on heart and blood vessels and reduction of the blood cholesterol level is supported by cannabinoids. Finally, it helps in reducing weight, improves the intestinal function and supports skin, muscle and nerve treatment.

Use of the CBD e-cigarette

Would you also like to enjoy the advantages of the cannabidiol e-cigarette? Smoking CBD electronically is very handy and easy. The CBD e-cigarette works with a lithium battery. So you can go a long time ahead with this product! The battery of the CBD e-cigarette can easily be charged via USB. Charging completely is done within an hour.

For your cannabidiol e-cigarettes, the so-called e-liquids with CBD are available separately. This way, you don't need to fill the cartridge separately, preventing a possible mess. You can order many different cartridges, so you always have a CBD e-cigarette that fits your desires. For example, there are e-liquids with and without nicotine.

All e-liquids contain an extract of CBD and CBDA of premium quality. These CBD liquids are produced without making use of herbicides, pesticides or other chemical substances. There is no THC in the liquids, which let the user experience the sole, healing effect of CBD. Use of the CBD e-cigarette therefore does not have a psychoactive effect.

The cannabidiol e-cigarette, what is it?

Actually, a cannabidiol e-cigarette, abbreviated to CBD e-cigarette, is nothing else than a normal e-cigarette. This cigarette is suitable to smoke CBD electronically. By
vaporizing CBD, you'll experience the healing effects of CBD in an optimal way. This is because the disponibility of CBD, in comparison with oral intake, is twice as high.

The cannabinoids CBD and CBDA have a positive effect on the body, while there is no psychoactive effect. This is because the e-liquids of the CBD e-cigarettes do not contain THC.


All producers that are offered by CBD-Expert are produced organically. This means no herbicides, pesticides or other harmful chemical substances are being used for the production of the CBD-extract that is used for the e-cigarette.

The French company KanaVape is specialized in the production of e-liquids with CBD and CBDA. At KanaVape, sustainable production of quality products comes first. A legal extract of cannabinoids is being used here, that contains CBD but no THC.

Next to the KanaVape products, also individual e-liquids from Vibee can be found in the product assortment. Vibee is a Dutch company that researches and develops healthy e-cigarette applications. For the production of their e-liquids with CBD, they only make use of vegetable extracts. Order the CBD e-cigarette and CBD e-liquids now online at CBD-Expert!