CBD E-Liquid (Cannapower) 50mg 10ml

CBD E-Liquid (Cannapower) 50mg 10ml
A quick and effective way to take in CBD is with the help of an E-cigarette or with a vaporizer. This e-liquid is suitable for both methods and available in 4 flavors. Tobacco, Vanilla, Whiskey and Canna. These bottles with E-liquid have 10ml liquid that contain ~50mg CBD. Because the liquid is already in an e-cigarette, you can effectively use CBD in a discrete manner.
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A complete product for everyone who possesses an e-cigarette and would like to consume CBD this way. With an e-cigarette you can smoke and consume CBD in a healthy way. The Cannapower CBD E-liquid does not contain nicotine.

Benefits Cannapower e-liquid

  • Quicker uptake than drops of CBD
  • Vaporize discretely in an e-cigarette
  • PG and VG certified
  • Enough for about 2 weeks (in case of normal use, bottle 10ml)

Four delicious flavours

  • Tobacco
  • Vanilla
  • Whiskey 
  • Canna

Cannapower pure CBD

The CBD in this liquid is very pure thanks to the critical CO2 extraction process. The bottles in which the liquid comes are UV sterilized through a process developed by Cannapower itself.

CBD vapors

These e-liquids can, as one of the few, also be used in a vaporizer. Be careful though! The vaporizer must have an oil can to vaporize the e-liquid. Vaporizing is the only way CBD is taken up quickly by the body.

Smoking CBD

A cheap way to quickly and effectively consume CBD is by smoking it in an e-cigarette. Although the word "smoking" is somewhat confusing. With an e-cigarette the liquid is actually vaporized, and not really smoked.

Usage CBD e-liquid

The bottle with CBD E-liquid must be stored in a cool and dark place after opening. You also need to shake the bottle before use. The temperature at which the liquid evaporates is about 200 degrees Celsius. By inhaling the CBD, it is taken up quicker by the body.

CBD benefits

  • Cannapower E-liquid For E-cigarette or vaporizer
  • Very pure CBD
  • Quick uptake
  • Discrete
  • Does not contain nicotine


Cannapower is based in Amsterdam but also has labs in Germany, for example. In Germany, the hemp is cultivated that is used to extract CBD from. Cannapower is definitely international, as they also have a research lab in Spain. Cannapower is also member of the European Industrial Hemp Association.


One bottle is 10ml and contains ~50mg CBD. With normal use, this is enough for about 2 weeks.

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CBD Safe use of E-liquids

CBD e-Liquids are special e-liquids to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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Additional Information
SKU G-1263
Price €9.95
Brand Cannapower
content 10ml
CBD content 50 mg
Composition E-liquid

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