Buying CBD Oil

Buying the best CBD oil carefree: only at CBD expert. Our experts continuously check the products in our webshop and the producers who supply them. The cannabidiol oil that you will find here is made from a high-quality vegetable extract.

Many people have already benefited from using this fully natural food supplement. Hemp extracts with CBD are continually growing in popularity. Let’s explore the properties, the advantages and the use of these cannabinoids.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a 100% natural and plant-based oil, enriched with an extract from the hemp plant which contains CBD. CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol - a naturally occurring substance in hemp. CBD oil usually has a base oil from (organic) hemp seed oil or olive oil, to which CBD extract is added.

The Properties of CBD

CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil in full, is an oil made from plant-based substances. All the CBD products in our webshop have a number of specific properties, such as: 

  • Made from top-quality industrial hemp
  • CBD oil is legally obtainable in the Netherlands and most other countries in Europe.
  • No psychoactive substances are present (and therefore you won’t get high)
  • No chemicals are used during production

CBD imitates the body’s own substances whereby the substance aligns seamlessly with the receptors in our body. In this way CBD regulates the so-called endocannabinoid system. In turn, the endocannabinoid system (or ECS) has a harmonising effect on the immune system, and also on motor and cognitive functions in our bodies.

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

CBD oil tastes a bit nutty. Some oils have a slightly stronger taste than others. One determinant of the taste and the composition is the type of cannabidiol oil. You can choose from oils based on olive oil or hemp seed oil. Among other things, the base oil determines the taste. You can choose Raw or Pure CBD oil. Pure is characterised by a cleaner, less bitter taste than Raw, while Raw contains a bit more of the plant extract (and therefore taste) than the pure CBD.

Do you find the choice too much? In that case use this article as a handy selection guide for choosing

If you want to neutralise the taste of CBD oil, you can drip it onto a slice of bread. If you don’t appreciate the taste at all, you can choose taste-free CBD capsules. This is a tablet with a measured amount of CBD oil, often housed in a vegetable coating. Another advantage of taking a capsule is its simplicity and discreteness in public.

However you use the oil, it’s important always to shake the CBD oil well before use. And store it in a kitchen cupboard for example, away from sunlight and somewhere that’s not too cold. The oil can congeal if kept in the refrigerator. Following these steps will ensure that the taste of your CBD oil remains optimal.

Will CBD Oil Work for Me Too?

Before you go and buy CBD oil, there is an important question you need to ask yourself: ‘Is CBD suitable for me?’ That’s why it’s important to be well informed about its use. We cannot make any statements about medical or health claims. CBD oil is not a medicine but a food supplement.

Do you have a question about a medical issue? If so, you should contact your doctor or treatment specialist. We don’t have a medical background and are unable to advise you in this respect.

Difference between Hemp and Weed

There is an essential difference between hemp and weed. The distinction between the two is important because there are a fair few negative associations attached to the familiar hemp leaf. It’s therefore difficult to gain trust for a natural oil that depicts a hemp leaf image if you consider weed and hemp to be the same thing. A shortened version of the article ‘The Shocking Truth about Hemp’ is given below.

The fast-growing cannabis sativa plant was cross-bred and cultivated a long time ago for various properties and uses. One of the applications was for making hemp rope from the long fibres in the stems. Another application was for the production of a stimulant and folk medicine from the flowers.

Time after time the best plants were selected for the following generation for specific purposes. The end result is that today there is a big difference between different varieties of plants within the cannabis sativa type. One of these varieties we call weed. That is cannabis which is grown in the first instance to get the highest possible percentage of THC. Hemp fibre on the other hand contains virtually no THC.

Hemp and weed resemble each other. The leaves have the same shape for example. Therefore you often see products with CBD proudly featuring a weed leaf or hemp leaf. However, hemp is thinner leaved, has smaller flowers and produces far less resin than weed. Weed can have enormous flowers. So heavy that they hang down. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD can be found on the leaves, but mainly in the flowers.

Weed can contain both THC and CBD. Hemp, from which CBD oil is made, may not contain any significant amount of THC. This is stringently checked by government bodies, laboratories and the police.

All CBD oil in our web shop is obtained from approved hemp cultivation and thus free from THC.

Will I Get High from CBD Oil?

One of the properties of CBD is that the substance is itself not psychoactive. Therefore it won’t make you giggle, light in the head or creative. Even more to the point, a study from February 2019 indicates that a high dosage of CBD in combination with THC reduces the psychoactive effect of THC.

Therefore you won’t get high or stoned from CBD oil. That is the case because cannabidiol oil is not allowed to contain the mind-expanding substance THC. For that reason, CBD oil is legal, and more importantly, it doesn’t prevent you from functioning normally. And you can (and may) drive your car as usual.

The association between smoking weed to get high and the use of CBD oil is thus incorrect. This is because CBD is derived from a different kind of plant from the cannabis family.

Weed Oil and THC Oil

Weed oil and THC oil are different names for oils made from weed. Under the Law, it is forbidden to sell these oils. Still, you can make weed oil quite easily yourself. We’d like to refer you to the first article from a series about making weed oil yourself if you are interested in this.

Thus there is an important difference between CBD oil and weed oil. Do you have questions for your doctor about the use of CBD oil? If so, make sure you use the correct name for this food supplement.

The Right Amount of CBD Oil

CBD oil is available in our web shop in different strengths. It is therefore important to look out for the right strength and dosage.

You can read tips about various types of CBD oil and the dosage in this article: ‘5 Beneficial hints about Types and Dosage of CBD Oil”.

The right dosage can differ for each person. For that reason you are recommended to start off with one or two drops each time (depending on the strength of the CBD oil). You can repeat this once or twice per day.

Maintain this for a few weeks so you can properly assess whether this amount of CBD is right for you. You read that well. CBD oil is no miracle drug. Give it time. After a few weeks do you feel like you should take more or take less? If so, you can change the dosage without any problem to meet your personal needs.

Our wide range allows you to choose from various concentrations of CBD oil and variously sized bottles. The percentage of the oil indicates how concentrated the oil is. In other words, a bottle with 5% CBD is more concentrated than a bottle with 2.5% CBD.

As well as the percentage you will often read another number in mg (milligram). That is the amount of CBD per packaging. A 10 ml bottle of CBD oil with 10% CBD contains around 1,000 mg of CBD per bottle. Whereas a 30 ml bottle with the same concentration contains 3 times as much CBD: 3,000 mg CBD per bottle. As with so many other products, it’s often cheaper to order a bigger bottle.

Does CBD benefit if I am Healthy?

Each individual is unique and has different goals that he or she may want to address through the consumption and application of our products. It is important to mention that CBD oil is not a substitute for a healthy diet and is not a substitute for any medication. It is a supplement (dietary supplement) that, in addition to CBD, contains a large number of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

How do I Use CBD Oil?

For optimal use, the CBD drops are taken under the tongue. A bottle of CBD oil is nearly always supplied in a handy pipette bottle. That makes not only the dosing easy but also how you take it. It’s also possible to drip the oil first onto your hand and then take it in via your tongue.

Do you want to get a precisely exact dosage? If so, then use the capsules or drip onto a teaspoon for which you measure the weight difference. Always read the information provided with the product ordered, but also on the product page from which you order the CBD. This has information about the right procedure for taking it and the dosage.

CBD Oil for Animals

Also animals can benefit from CBD oil. You can easily mix these special CBD drops for cats and dogs into your pet's food or water. It is important to do proper research into what your dog or cat needs. Unfortunately you cannot ask the animal, but our CBD Experts are ready for you! You can also take a look at our frequently asked questions page. Perhaps the answer you are looking for is in between.

In the case of animals too we are unable to give any medical advice. You should contact your vet for this. As soon as you notice that your pet is lacking something, get in touch immediately with your vet. Don't wait and see.

What is the Best CBD Oil?

The best CBD oil is made in a responsible way, based on organically certified materials. It’s therefore important to take into account the conditions under which the food supplements are produced. Industrial hemp fibre is cultivated by professionals with years of experience and a love for everything that grows. At CBD-Expert we only work with companies who put love and respect for Mother Nature high up in their priorities.

The best CBD oil only comes about through careful attention to its production. We therefore choose to cooperate with outstanding brands like Medihemp, Jacob Hooy, Hemptouch, Cibdol, Sana Hempjuice, Endoca and Medi-Wiet.

The best CBD oil is the one that works for you. A brand that appeals to you, a type of oil you are enthusiastic about, a concentration (percentage) that suits your situation and an amount that’s sufficient for the period in which you use cannabidiol oil.

Which CDB should I Choose?

A brief guide to selecting CBD oil: 

  1. Choose a brand that appeals to you.
  2. Select a type of CBD oil. For example, Pure (cleaner taste) or Raw (more nutrients).
  3. Choose a percentage that suits your situation. 2.5% for the first time, 5% or more for dosing with fewer drops, and 10% or more for the strongest concentration.
  4. Choose an amount (volume). 10 ml for approximately 200 drops (maximum 50 days) and 30 ml for approximately 600 drops (maximum 150 days).


Because we sell only controlled CBD products for which matters such as independent certificates of analysis (COAs) go without saying, we can be sure about the composition of our CBD products. Clear descriptions and clear independent reports make for a safe feeling so that you know what you’re buying.

You can ask to inspect analysis certificates from us for the brands Medihemp, Cibdol and Endoca.

Buying Organic CBD Oil

It is possible from CBD expert to buy organic CBD oil and other organic products from well-known brands. We have all available organic CBD products in our assortment from the Austrian brand Medihemp. Organic CBD is of course an additional advantage with the already present properties of our CBD products.

The term organic CBD guarantees a product that is grown, harvested and processed into a final product under conditioned and strictly controlled conditions. The organically certified Medihemp is a good example of this.

Lots of organic products with CBD are available in our web shop:

  • CBD Salve
  • CBD Cream
  • Skin oil with CBD
  • Hemp seed oil with CBD
  • CBD Oil and Paste
  • CBD Capsules

Buying CBD Oil at CBD-Expert

Buying CBD oil is simple. At least if you know where to go. At CBD-Expert, you aren’t just at the right address for the best CBD oils from the best brands. Our friendly prices, fast delivery from stock and award-winning customer service are all key points in which we take pride. We have the purest and strongest CBD drops in stock for you. We test the oil ourselves to be sure you are buying quality CBD oil.

Ordering CBD Oil Online

Ordering CBD oil on our website is very easy on both the computer and the mobile phone. We are fully equipped to process your order or order smoothly; wherever you are. You place your order and we do the rest! Creating an account has many advantages for repeat orders, but also for the status of your current order.

Recommendations for buying CBD oil sensibly

  • Buy CBD oil only from recognised brands;
  • Always check the COAs (Certificate of Analysis) where available;
  • Check which base oil is used for dissolving the cannabinoids in.
  • Choose a trustworthy CBD shop to supply your products;
  • As soon as you’ve found a favourite, buy a larger pack or order more at once (that will be cheaper);

Buying Medi-Weed Oil

You can buy Medi-Weed oil from Wernard Bruining from us. We have been supplying this popular Medi-Weed CBD oil for years because it comes from a trusted supplier and producer of high-quality CBD oil. Its name and fame have spread far and wide. Moreover, the Medi-Weed Foundation carries out a lot of research into CBD and other cannabinoids. Our collaboration with Medi-Weed started off when we ourselves bought weed oil from Wernard Bruining. We were also impressed by this CBD Golyoli with a relatively low CBD/CBDA content. Try it out for yourself - it’s one of the favourites among our clients.

Golyoli or Golyoil

Golyoli CBD oil from Medi-Wiet Foundation was one of the first CBD oils available in Europe. Wernard Bruining was a real pioneer when he made his own cannabis oil in 2012 and put it on the market. First only available in the Netherlands and in his store in Haarlem, but now also available online. The name he gave his oil was Golyoli.

It is one of the first cannabinoid oils produced entirely in the Netherlands. The oil is made from hemp paste from a powerful CO2 extract, to which olive oil is added for easier dosing. Take a quick look in our webshop at the Golyoli of the Medi-Wiet foundation: you can use our handy search function for this.


CBD-Expert has an extensive range. Producers of our products include Medi-Wiet Foundation, Endoca, Cibdol and Medihemp. This means that you are assured of an optimal quality product. You can easily, safely and quickly buy CBD Oil at CBD-Expert. Place an order now in our secure web shop and thanks to the fast turnaround time you’ll soon discover the benefits of CBD! 

Cheap CBD Oil

Now we come to a frequently asked question. What is a cheap CBD oil? You could ask yourself whether price is the most important thing for an oil with the potential to support you.

Price is not the main criterion for our products. Our starting point is that the quality of our products has to be second to none. In the long term it’s the quality after all which decides whether a product makes sense or not. We show that we also want to be cost effective by offering a big range of products and brands. This means you can buy CBD oil at CBD-Expert whatever your budget. The quality is demonstrated by the producers themselves by means of the analysis certificates which are usually available online. Which brand and what type of CBD you choose is up to you as the consumer. It goes without saying that this also includes cheap CBD oil. Jacob Hooy’s economical oil is a great choice if you are watching out for your wallet.

How Is CBD Oil Made?

Cannabidiol is the scientific name for the cannabinoid CBD. CBD occurs naturally in the buds and leaves of the hemp plant in its acidic form of CBDA. The hemp buds are harvested and then heated to extract the CBD. 

When the oil is cold-pressed from the buds, the CBDA remains intact. It’s thus possible to produce cannabis oil with CBD and CBDA. After the hemp is dried, the required substances are extracted from the buds by means of CO2 extraction. This closely controlled process produces a dark green paste. This paste is too thick for direct dosing and is moreover very highly concentrated. By dissolving this CBD paste in, for example, organic or non-organic olive oil or hemp seed oil, it becomes possible to dose using a pipette.

Cannabigerol (CBG)

In addition to CBD, there is another interesting cannabinoid which has attracted much attention recently. This cannabinoid goes by the name of Cannabigerol (CBG). Just like CBD, this is also a substance which is derived from hemp fibre.

CBG has different benefits to those of CBD. But more research is needed to properly know what CBG could mean for us. We would also reiterate that we cannot tell you about any effects since we are not medically qualified. What we do know though is that CBG also does not have any psychoactive effect. We are keeping a close watch on the developments around Cannabigerol. There are still very few products on the market with this interesting cannabinoid.

One product that we can offer though is CBG oil 5% from Medihemp. This somewhat resembles CBD oil but just has different properties. Naturally, it’s of the usual quality you’d expect from Medihemp.

Quality is Paramount for us

We regularly hear that people find it difficult to purchase CBD oil due to increased choice stress. Because of the enormous range, the trees can no longer see the forest. This has happened to us in the past and that is why we first had the brands we sell thoroughly examined by laboratories specializing in food supplements. We then only selected the best boys and girls from the CBD class to include in our range.

Organic CBD is even More Strictly Controlled

Over the years we have become fans of the Organic CBD brands in particular. Medihemp from Burgenland in Austria is one such organic brand. This hemp producer uses the entire plant for its products and pays farmers a fair wage. For that reason, Medihemp is one of the specialists we like to do business with. The organic SKAL-certification earned by Medihemp contributes to the confidence we have in this Austrian brand. Carried out independently, these tests produce the correct values so that we can be sure that only the best materials are being used and that you are getting exactly the oil you are ordering from us.

You can see for yourself what is present in the batch you bought by having a look at the Medihemp analysis summary on the Medihemp website. You can find the batch number on the bottle.

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