CBD Oil Dogs (Cibapet) 4%

CBD Oil Dogs (Cibapet) 4%
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Cibapet's CBD oil is an absolute winner in our CBD-assortment. This CBD oil is especially made for dogs. There are many CBD oils on offer for humans, but CBD oil specifically developed for dogs, is rare. With this CBD oil 4%, that is something of the past. What is the difference? Besides the power of hemp, this oil contains important nutrients and vitamins. As such, your dog will not only benefit from CBD. A bottle of this CBD oil 4% contains 10 ml, enough for about 200 drops.



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CBD oil for dogs

There is plenty of choice in CBD oils. The same CBD oil is often used for dogs. That’s no longer necessary, thanks to Cibapet's special product line. Cibapet has developed CBD oil specifically for dogs. The power of hemp is combined with important vitamins and nutrients for dogs. A bottle of CBD oil contains extra vitamin E, proteins, fibers and fish oil. This qualitative CBD oil can also be used for puppies.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a substance extracted from the legal industrial hemp plant, which is also used for production of fiber hemp, rope and clothing. Many beneficial properties have been attributed to CBD. CBD oil contributes for example to a healthy state of mind, maintains the natural functioning of the intestines and CBD oil is a natural tranquilizer. CBD oil's versatile, all-round health benefits make it a real superfood.

Cannabidiol, which is the complete name of CBD, is a natural substance. CBD, however, does not induce psychoactive effects. Therefore, your dog won't get high of stoned on CBD. CBD is completely legal.

100% natural ingredients

Cibapet stands for Swiss quality. Furthermore, CBD oil for dogs complies with high quality standards. It only contains natural ingredients, and a complete terpene spectrum. To ensure the quality of the CBD oil, Cibapet has its CBD oils tested by Swiss third party laboratories, to assure it contains everything.

Martin and Sacha Gaus Recommend Cibapet

The famous dog trainer and his daughter - Martin and Sacha Gaus - were impressed by this product as well. Thanks to its high quality, they also recommend this product. Who is Martin Gaus? Martin Gaus is an important figure in the world of dogs. He became known in the 70s with the first animal hotel for dogs and cats. The hotel became famous for its professional and animal-friendly approach. Soon more dog schools for dog owners followed, including an Academy where dog trainers are being trained. Nowadays, Martin reduced his activities. His daughter - Sacha - is taking care of the Academy and dog schools.

CBD Oil dosage for Dogs

Maximum two to three drops of CBD oil per 10 kg of body weight. Administer this amount two to three times a day. For puppies, the maximum is lower: one to two drops, one to two times per day.

We always recommend all novice CBD users: start slowly! Pay close attention to how your dog responds to the CBD oil. You can always increase the dose over time. Leave a number of days between each increment. Provide the CBD oil directly to your dog, or drip it on a tasty snack.

Shelf life

CBD oil is made from only natural products. As with all natural products, this product has a best-before date. The shelf life of this CBD oil for dogs is indicated on the bottom of the packaging. Always check it before using the oil.

Package contents

  • Glass bottle with pipette
  • Content: 10 ml (approx. 200 drops)

Ingredients CBD Oil 4% for Dogs

Olive oil, hemp extract with CBD, fish oil, vitamin E (3a700), fragrances and flavors.

About Cibapet

Besides Cibdol's many successful CBD products, Cibdol launched a new brand and products: Cibapet: CBD oil and tablets of the same Swiss quality you are used to from Cibdol. The difference? These products are specially developed for dogs and cats. With these tablets and oils, the power of hemp is combined with important vitamins and nutrients for dogs or cats. Furthermore, all Cibapet products are exclusively made from natural ingredients. Thanks to the qualitative and efficient production process of CBD products, they contain a complete terpene spectrum. Martin and Sascha Gaus also recommends these product for those reasons.

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SKU 1601
EAN 7640178660632
Price 29.5
Brand Cibapet
CBD percentage 3% to 7%
CBD content 400 mg
Composition Oil
content 10 ml
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Customer Reviews

Mijn hond heeft minder last. ik geef minder dan de maximum dosis. Sînds het vuurwerk is hij angstig en heeft hij verlatingsangt. De dosis beetje opgehoogd en ook dit is aan het minderen
Overall Rating
Review by Daisy / (Posted on 11/01/2020)
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