CBD Oil Raw (Medihemp) 10% CBD

CBD Oil Raw (Medihemp) 10% CBD

The Medihemp fields in Austria are full of the best hemp plants for this CBD oil Raw 10%. The plants form, just like all other products of the brand, the foundation of the oil. The hemp plants are grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. It is called raw oil, because all substances from the hemp plants are preserved. The oil is delivered in handy pipette bottles of 10 or 30 ml. Order now and experience what CBD oil can do for you.

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Cold Extracted

This CBD oil from Medihemp is organically grown, without the use of chemical fertilizer or other pesticides. 100% natural. This is precisely what you are used to from Medihemp. Because of the cold production process, CBD oil Raw 10% contains all kinds of cannabinoids like:

  • Terpenes
  • Flavones
  • Phenoles
  • Pigments
  • CBD
  • CBD acid (or CBDa
  • CBG
  • CBN
  • CBV


With this product you have a choice between a pipette bottle of 10 or 30 ml. Per 10 ml CBD olie raw 10% from Medihemp contains:

  • CBD and CBDa: 10% (~1000 mg)
  • ~ 750 mg CBD
  • ~ 250 mg CBDa

You can expect about 250 droplets per 10 ml.

Was ist CBD?

Cannabidiol ist eine Substanz, die aus legalen Industriehanf Pflanzen extrahiert wird, die auch für die Herstellung von Faserhanf, Seilen und Kleidung verwendet werden. Der Hanfpflanze wurden viele wohltuende Eigenschaften zugeschrieben. CBD-Öl, das aus Hanf extrahiert wird, trägt zu einer gesunden seelischen Verfassung bei. Die vielseitigen und universellen Vorteile für die Gesundheit machen CBD zu einem wahren Superfood.

Cannabidiol, der vollständige Name von CBD, ist eine natürliche, pflanzliche Substanz. Nur zu Ihrer Information, CBD löst keine psychoaktive Wirkung aus. Sie werden von CBD nicht high oder stoned. CBD ist völlig legal.

What Does CBD Oil ‘Raw’ Stand For?

CBD oil Raw earned its name from the way it is extracted. The oil is made from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. Through CO2-extraction all kinds of cannabinoids are extracted from the plant and diluted with oil. With Medihemp you have a choice between two types of CBD oil: Pure and Raw.

During the extraction process of pure CBD oil  is made use of heat. Because of this ethereal substances like terpenes can be lost. Only the CBD remains. In this way the oil gets a nutty flavor. Many consumers find this a pleasant flavor.

Contrary to the extraction process of pure CBD oil, with the process of CBD oil Raw is not made use of heat. All hemp is extracted which preserves all important substances. For example CBDa. CBD oil Raw has a very bitter and sharp flavor.

Using CBD Olie Raw 10%

We advise to shake the bottle well before use. Please check beforehand if the cap on the bottle is correctly secured. This prevents spillage. Keep Medihemps CBD oil in a cool and dry place. For example, a kitchen cabinet. After opening the bottle has a shelf life of about 6 months.

Nature is Different Every Day

Because we do not want you to be surprised, we would like to point out the following: it may be that your bottle of CBD oil tastes or smells slightly different than the last time you bought it. This is because CBD oil is procured in a very sustainable and natural way. Because naturally nature is different every day, Medi-Hemp can not influence this process. However, essential ingredients like CBD percentages are always the same.

The Dosage of CBD oil

When it comes to the dosage of CBD we can not exactly tell you what the correct amount is. The perfect dose is different for everyone. We advise you to start with two droplets oil per intake, with a maximum of three times per day. You can then choose to up the dose gradually. Tip: leave a gap of a couple of days between every time you increase the dose. In this way your body can get used to it. The maximum dose for this oil is 15 droplets per day.

It is intended that you apply the CBD oil droplets under your tongue. Keep the droplets under your tongue for about 60 seconds before swallowing.

Quality and Certificates of Medihemp

Quality is the goal for Medihemp. The products of the brand contain many certificates that guarantee the quality. The products from medihemp, among which the bottle of CBD oil raw 10%, have the following certifications:

  • Austria Bio Guarantee GmbH
  • EFSA Trading certificate (European Authority for Food Safety).


  • CBD oil raw 10%
  • Packaged in a brown glass bottle, uv-light resistant.


The producer of this CBD oil is the Austrian family company Medihemp, which cultivates and produces its products in an entirely organic manner. Medihemp is even the only CBD producer in Europe with the official SKAL certification. This certification ensures 100% monitored organic cultivation.

This fine and effective CBD Oil can be ordered easily and is shipped quickly. You are at the right place at CBD-Expert.

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CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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Additional Information
CBD percentage7% to 15%
CBD content750 mg
content10ml en 30 ml

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