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Going to buy CBD oil? Then you are at the right place because this is the right category when you are looking for high-quality CBD oil. We have collected the best CBD oil for you. CBD Oil is a food supplement whose fame and beneficial properties are reaching a continually growing audience.


Here you can find a wide choice in CBD oils, which guarantees that the product you are looking is there as well. Everyone is different but here you will definitely find a CBD oil that suits your needs.


You can choose among the popular and best-selling “MediHemp’s CBD Oil Raw” but there are many other brands and types available here. Browse through our products and order your CBD oil quickly and easily. The properties of all products are clearly described and can help you make the right choice. Next to each product there is a slider that lets you see your discount instantly if you buy more than one product at once. Make your choice now!

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Made from vegetable extract and having a curative effect: that is CBD oil in a nutshell! Many persons who had to deal that with a variety of complaints already reaped the benefits of this completely natural food supplement. Read more about the properties, benefits and the use of CBD oil now!

Characteristics of the CBD oil

CBD oil, unabbreviated Cannabidiol oil, is an oil made of vegetable ingredients which influences our cannabinoid systems. These systems function as a signaler of a variety of important body processes. CBD oil, as such, can have a positive effect on our health. The oil has a number of specific characteristics, such as:

  • A curative effect. CBD oil is a food supplement that can help for a variety of complaints.
  • Made of industrial hemp. This way, CBD oil does not, or hardly contains THC. The product is legal in the Netherlands and in most other European countries.
  • CBD oil does not contain psychoactive substances. By using the food supplement, you therefore experience only the curative effect.
  • There are no side-effects known with normal use of CBD oil.
  • By using CBD oil, your body will receive, without any effort, additional nutrients that support the body.
  • CBD oil increases the resistance, supports the immune system and improves metabolism.
  • Use of the oil will give you more energy and helps against fatigue. Also, use of CBD oil improves a natural and healthy sleep.

The benefits of the use of CBD oil

To use CBD oil, your fitness will get a boost! Many people are benefited from the use of the natural oil. Their positive experiences are based on the many different advantages that CBD oil has to offer. For example, the immune system is supported with the use of the oil, the uptake of vitamins and minerals by the body is improved and the oil has a positive influence on aging symptoms. Therefore, the product can also be used for a variety of menopausal problems, such as hot flashes, irritability and mood swings.

Specific benefits of CBD oil

This nature product has specific benefits, for example in eye care. To see clearly and to prevent tired, burning or red eyes, CBD oil is very suitable. Also to treat cold sore or for healthy teeth, the oil can be used. The condition of the gums is being improved and you will (again) have a fresh breath. Furthermore, the oil has a positive influence on the condition of the hair.

So, the advantages of the CBD oil are numerous. In general, the product has a softening effect on the airways, it is beneficial to heart and blood vessels and it can help to reduce the blood cholesterol level. The oil is also used for losing weight, improved functioning of the intestinal function and the urogenital system. For treatment of the skin, muscles and nerves - such as with a CBD oil massage - this product is also recommended.

Everything about the use and effects of CBD oil

How do I used CBD oil? What is the right dosage for me? And what is the exact effect of the food supplement? Will it help against my specific complaints? These are questions that are frequently being asked by people who are buying CBD oil. And rightly so: it is important to be well informed about the use and operation of the oil. We cannot make any medical claims, but it has been found that CBD oil had a favorable effect for many people with in very diverse cases.

The amount of CBD oil

CBD oil is available in different strengths at CBD-Expert, which makes it very important to pay attention on the dosage. In the oil, CBD is the effective substance. What the right dose exactly is, therefore varies from person to person. For this reason, it is recommended to start with one or two drops a time (depending on the strength of the CBD oil), and to apply this once or twice per day. After this, the dosage can be changed according to your needs. Here it is important to listen to your body.

How to apply CBD oil?

For optimal use, CBD oil is taken in under the tongue. It is also possible to first drop the drops in the hand and then take it in with your tongue. This is also a good way to prevent an overdose. If you want to neutralize the taste of CBD oil, then you can also drop it on a piece of bread. Another way to use it, is through a massage. In this case it will be absorbed by the skin. Another option is to take it in by smoking it or through a vaporizer. No matter how you used the oil, it is always important to shake the CBD oil well before use.

What is CBD exactly?

CBD is an acidic form of cannabidiol, which has a healing effect. Both for patients and healers, the effect of CBD oil is receiving more and more attention. Yet, for medical claims it is too early. This does not mean the CBD oil doesn't work, quite the contrary! Different experiences by the users show the wholesome effect of the oil. At least CBD does not have a mind-expanding, psycho-active effect. THC is responsible for these effects of cannabis. CBD oil has no, or hardly any THC. Therefore, CBD oil has the characteristic wholesome effect, in many different areas.

What is the best CBD oil?

The best CBD oil is an oil made responsibly, on a basis of organically certified, raw materials. Compliance with all regulations for the production of food supplements is the first step. he cultivation and flowering of the raw materials is done by professionals with years of experience. Traditionally, we have been brought up with love and respect for Mother Nature.

Doing controls is not the same as distrust 

Because we only sell controlled CBD products, where independent COAs, for example, are self-evident, we have no problems regarding the composition of our CBD products. Clear explanation and clear, independent reports ensure a feeling of safety. Health is important for everyone. 


The producer of CBD oil are f.i. Medihemp, Endoca, kanavape and the Non-profit Organization medi-Wiet. This Non-profit organization performs research to the possibilities that (diluted) medical oil has to offer. To map the different possibilities, user experiences have been mapped. Though medical use of cannabis has been applied for many years, it often still has to find its way to the professional medical care, which is becoming more and more expensive. Here, CBD oil is a suitable self-care product. There is a lot of discussion about the medical claims, which makes the work of Non-profit Organization Medi-Wiet even more important. Many satisfied users of CBD oil recognize the wholesome effect in many different areas.

The CBD oil in the product assortment of CBD-expert, is produced by Non-profit Organization Medi-Wiet. This way, you are assured of a product of optimal quality. This natural food supplement contains an optimal balance between vegetable substances, which ensure a unique effect. At CBD-expert, you can easily and quickly buy CBD oil, and you will profit from the benefits. Place your order now!

CBD oil drug store

Nowadays, you can by CBD oil also at a drug store. CBD oil has reached the shopping street and is no longer exclusively available at online web stores. More and more CBD becomes available at major drugstores.

CBD is available on the shelves in drugstores, next to vitamins and other nutritional supplements. The big drugstore chains did not manage to contract the premium brands. MediHemp is sparsely available in drugstores, but for the rest it is mostly discount labels, own brands, which are sold at the drugstore. For decent advice and a good product you are still better off at our website. In the end, we are the CBD experts for a good reason.

Scientific name of cannabinoid

Cannabidiol is the scientific name of cannabinoid CBD. CBD is naturally present in the buds of the hemp plant in the acidic form CBDa. During growth on the arable fields in the warm sun, but also during drying of the hemp buds the plant's CBDa is transformed into CBD. After drying the hemp, CBD is extracted through CO2 extraction from the buds. This completely natural process delivers a dark green paste.

Highly concentrated

This paste is too thick to dose and highly concentrated. By dissolving the paste into e.g. olive oil or hemp seed oil, you make dosing possible with for example a pipette. We brought together a lot of different oils, of course with all the required certificates. As online shop we are clear and transparent about the amount of active substances in our products.

New discovery Cannabigerol (CBG)

In addition to CBD and THC, there is another interesting cannabinoid that drew a lot of attention lately. This cannabinoid is called Cannabigerol (CBG). This component, which is present in the industrial hemp plant has, like CBD and THC, special properties and is likely soon to be found in more hemp oils. What we know for certain is that CBG present in CBD oil has no psychoactive effects, just like CBD. We keep a keen eye on the developments with respect to Cannabigerol. At the moment, there are not many products on the market with this yet unknown cannabinoid. A product that is already available is a CBG oil that resembles CBD oil, though with just slightly other properties. Health benefits are key with our different hemp oils.