CBD Olive Oil (Medihemp) 6% ~600mg 10ml

CBD Olive Oil (Medihemp) 6% ~600mg 10ml
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This CBD oil contains 6% CBD and CBDA in a 1:1 ratio, which is very special. Nonetheless, the CBD oil is very attractively priced. The taste is a bit different than the other MediHemp oils, but olive oil is a natural and pure product with a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and a high vitamin E level. This oil is available in 10ml bottles with pipette.


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This Medihemp CBD oil is a CBD product based on olive oil. Notwithstanding the nice price, it is a powerful oil with a good 6% CBD, 600mg per 10ml.

Composition CBD Oil

This CBD oil is based on olive oil and contains, apart from CBD, also CBDA. The balance of both is almost 1:1. Of this 600mg, approximately 300mg is CBD and 300mg is CBDA. Olive oil is a healthy product in itself, with many unsaturated fats and a high level of vitamin E.

One drop of oil contains 1.12 mg CBD and 1.28 mg CBDA. This relation is almost 1:1!

Relation price and quality

The composition of this oil makes that the price is lower than CBD oil with (organic) hemp seed oil. Would you like a qualitative product for a very reasonable price? Then this is the right CBD product for you!

CBD with olive oil

Medihemp never used olive oil before in combination with CBD. This is a nice addition to the Medihemp's CBD product line. Olive oil contains many unsaturated fats and vitamins B and E.

Usage CBD Oil Olive oil 6%

The right CBD oil dosage is different for each person. Therefore, it is important to start slowly, with a small dose. For example, start with 2 drops under the tongue. This can be increased based on own experience up to a maximum of 3x7 drops.


Medihemp is an Austrian family company (run by two sisters) - the only one with an organic certification for their pure and naturally cultivated hemp. Medihemp sorts the plants after harvest by hand, in a traditional way. The deliveries from Medihemp are of high quality.


  • 1 bottle of CBD Oil Olive oil 6%, 600mg, with ~300mg CBD and ~300mg CBDA. 
  • One bottle is enough for approximately 250 drops.

Nature is beautiful, but different each day

We cultivate our hemp in a 100% organic way, without the use of chemical pesticides. These are organic products developed by Mother Nature herself. Because we have no influence on this, sometimes there are small differences in taste, smell or color. The quantity of active substances in all our products is indicated on the package after testing each batch.

To avoid problems during shaking, we ALWAYS recommend to tighten the cap firmly before shaking.

The information on this page about the use of cannabinoids (CBD) is meant to help people choose when they want to use cannabis as self-medication. Our explicit advice is to ALWAYS first consult your DOCTOR. We do not make any medical claims and the information on this page is not meant to diagnose, treat or heal a disease.


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CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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CBD percentage 3% to 7%
CBD content 600 mg
Composition Oil
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