CBG Oil 5% (Hemplife) 10 ml

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CBG Oil 5% (Hemplife) 10 ml
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Driven by a passion for nature, the environment and your health, Hemplife makes high-quality hemp products. You probably know about CBD oil, but perhaps this is the first time you have come across CBG oil. The hemp plant is full of natural substances that it creates as it grows and flowers. CBG is one of the substances from which, among others, CBD originates. You can look upon CBG as the mother of CBD. This full-spectrum (Raw) CBG oil is produced completely cold, and as a consequence all other essential substances are retained, such as CBGA and other cannabinoids and terpenes. The result? A great, nutty-tasting oil to support your body and mind. Supplied in a UV-resistant bottle, CBG Oil contains 10 ml of oil and approximately 500 mg of CBG and CBGA.



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CBG Oil 5%

This 5% strength CBG oil contains a high-grade, full-spectrum hemp extract with 500 mg of CBG dissolved in a fine-tasting hemp seed oil.

CBD originates from CBG in the hemp plant. That is not the full story but conveys the correct impression that CBG is a natural precursor of CBD with other specific benefits. It’s worthwhile making the effort to research for yourself what the differences are. Regrettably, we are not allowed to provide you with any medical advice or tell you what this fine oil is good for exactly. 

However, we can proudly tell you that this 5% strength CBG oil from Hemplife is produced with care and a passion for the hemp plant. This is full-spectrum cannabigerol oil which, as well as CBG, also contains CBGA, the natural acid form. Altogether, they add up to 500 mg’s worth in this handy 10 ml pipette bottle.

  • Unique CBG oil – the plant-based source of CBD.
  • 10 ml Full-Spectrum (Raw) CBG oil
  • 5% CBG plus CBGA
  • A hemp seed oil base from the first pressing

Hemp Seed Oil

The base of the product is organic hemp seed oil, a vegetable oil with a high level of healthy, unsaturated Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, Vitamin B and E, and rich in protein. It is therefore no surprise the oil is often used in healthy smoothies, or as salad dressing. Hemp seed oil is a fantastic nutritional supplement, with a pleasant and characteristic taste.

Certified CBG Oil

Hemplife CBG oil is produced under supervision. This is recorded in various certificates:

  • MPC guideline (formally the Guideline on Good Agricultural and Collection Practice for starting materials of herbal origin 2016 by the European Medicines Agency Evaluation of Medicines for Human Use. EC-Öko verordnung.
  • HACCP, ISO 9000, ISO 22000, GMP production methods.
  • The quality of the oil is established through certified laboratories, Öhmi laboratory ISO/IEC 17025:2005, Nova HACCP and Eurofins ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Full-Spectrum (Raw) CBG Oil

Because no heat is used at any point in the production process, Hemplife oils contain other desirable cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids in addition to CBG. The philosophy is that it’s important for the extract to come from the whole plant for the entourage effect. Consequently, at Hemplife nothing is taken away from what’s already there. This means that as well as CBG, you also get a bit of good CBGA. As a result, not only does the full-spectrum CBG oil have more benefits to offer but the oil is also pleasantly nutty in taste. Slightly reminiscent of rocket.

What is CBG?

Cannabigerol was discovered already in 1965 by two Israeli scientists. Although CBG is just one of the many cannabinoids naturally present in the hemp plant, cannabigerol is different than the other substances in this special plant. Because both THC and CBD are created out of CBG, we may call CBG the mother component of both these cannabinoids. CBG is thus the natural predecessor of CBD. Research at renowned universities has shown that a combination of substances is more effective compared to the separate use of each of these substances.

Dosage and Use

The dosage for CBD and CBG oils varies from person to person. What you need it for and your body weight determine how much it is best for you to take. We do have a good guideline for your dosage. Drip the CBG oil under the tongue twice a day. A good initial dosage is 1 to 3 drops. According to need, the number of drops can be increased or you can dose 3 times per day.

Drip under the tongue, keep it in your mouth momentarily and then swallow. Followed by a glass of water, if necessary.


  • Contents of bottle: 10 ml
  • CBG: ~500 mg
  • Percentage CBG: 5%


Cold-pressed hemp seed oil, hemp extract with Cannabigerol and Cannabigerol acid (CBG + CBGA) ~ 500 mg (5%).

About Hemplife

Hemplife is a Dutch, no-nonsense brand for honest hemp products. Driven by a passion for what hemp can mean for our world. This sustainable plant can be used not only for making golden CBD oil but also for future-proof materials. From natural plastics to fire-resistant building materials. At Hemplife, we take pride in this. For us it goes without saying that you should get verified, quality CBD oil. This is why your oil is certified before, during and after production. As a result you get precisely what you expect: best-quality, pure CBD oil.

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CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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CBG value5%
content10 ml
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Well, I was looking for this for some time after reading an article on CBG. It's a great value oil and I really appreciate its taste. Not harsh at all. And a prompt delivery as well. Review by Sylvia / (Posted on 07/07/2020)
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