Dropper Bottles Empty 5 pieces

Dropper Bottles Empty 5 pieces

Are you looking for empty pipette bottles or dropper bottles? Then you’ve come to the right place with us. We’ve got them in various formats: 10, 30 or 50 ml content. The glass pipette bottles are made from UV-resistant brown glass. The pipettes are good quality. You can easily dose liquids like CBD oil with the rubber bulb. In short: thinking of buying pipette bottles? Making CBD oil or storing liquids separately with convenient dosing? This is what you’re looking for!

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  • 30 ml


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  • 50 ml


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Buying Glass Pipette Bottles

Do you want to buy pipette bottles? If so, then these ones from CBD Expert are your best option. The brown glass protects the content against UV radiation. The rubber is good quality which makes dosing CBD oil a lot easier and dripping is easy thanks to the curved end of the dropper. You simply won’t find better pipettes anywhere.

All pipette bottles are supplied per 5 pieces!

Making Weed Oil or CBD Oil

Are you going to make weed oil or CBD Oil yourself? With the Cannolator (recommended products), for example? In that case, these glass pipette bottles will come in really handy. Home-made ethereal oils will be protected. The pipettes are easy to fill and the different sizes allow you yourself to determine how much you store in a bottle. The dropper bottles are available in various sizes:

  • 10 ml, length including pipette 8 cm
  • 30 ml, length including pipette 10 cm
  • 50 ml, length including pipette 11.5 mm
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