FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any logos or something else that show the contents of the package outside on the package?
No, we send the articles in white envelopes and packages. As sender only our postal code and address number is indicated.

What happens when I forget to realize the payment?
I you choose to pay through bank transfer you will have 7 days to pay. If we do not receive your payment within 7 days after ordering, you order will be canceled.

My bank indicates that your IBAN or bank details are not correct?
The bank details on our website and in our email are correct. If you realize a bank transfer from within another country than the Netherlands, make sure you choose European or international transfer. If you make an international bank transfer you can use these details:

Name receiver:
Bank name: ING Bank
IBAN: NL55INGB0008485075

Can I also change the article?
Yes, for all purchases a trial period of 14 days is valid. The trial period means that a customer has the right to return the articles within 14 days in its original package without any obligations on their part.

When I have already paid my order, can I still cancel it?
Once the order is paid, you cannot cancel it anymore. However, you can return the order after reception. Please revise the return conditions.

What if I don't receive my order or I receive it in a damaged condition?
We carry the risk for damage or loss of the articles during the shipment to the costumer. This is also mentioned in Terms and Conditions.

Right of return
Products that are returned should be in its original packaging and not be used, otherwise we need to charge extra costs. After reception of the shipment and our approval of the state of the returned products, the purchase amount will be returned within 14 days after purchase.

How can I change an order or change an incorrect order?
When the products have not been paid yet you can simply make a new order. And pay the latest, new order. The older order will disappear from our system automatically when it is not paid in the end. If you already paid and you still want to change something, then please contact us.

Our country is not on the list, to which countries orders and products can be sent?
We only send orders within Europe. Furthermore, specific products have extra shipment limitations, because sometimes products are not legal in the country of destination. These shipment limitations are indicated at each specific product. Furthermore, the shipment limitations for products are checked when one enters the country of destination of your order.

Do I also receive a confirmation of my placed order?
Yes, you receive a confirmation email of your order.

Can I also follow my order?
Yes, it is possible to track your order if it is a package. Once your order is packed by our mail order, then you will receive a Track & Trace code via email with which you can track the status of your order.

How quickly is the order delivered?
For orders in our own web shop counts: envelopes on working days ordered before 15:30 hours and packages before 22:00 hours are delivered the next day at its destination (not on Sunday).

Is there a minimum order amount?
No, there is no minimum order amount.

What are the shipping costs?
You can find an overview of the shipping costs here.

Are prices including or excluding VAT?
Indicated prices are including VAT.

Can I have an order shipped to a foreign address?
Sure, we send our products throughout all of Europe. Note that there are shipment limitations for some products.

Can I have my order sent to an address other than my home address?
Yes, that is possible. During the ordering process you can create multiple addresses at the option 'Home delivery'. The addresses you create will be saved, so during each visit to our web shop you can choose on which address you would like the order to be delivered. Note you cannot let your order be delivered on a post box address.

Do I receive a paper bill?
All orders and payments are done completely digital, so you will receive your bill digitally as well. There is however a paper packing slip included in the order.

Is it safe to pay in the web shop?
During the processing of the payment we make use of a secured SSL internet connection. The SSL software makes sure that the payment information is being sent over the Internet in an encrypted way. You can recognize the secure connection by the green-colored browser bar and the lock in the top-left corner next to the browser bar. So it is safe to pay in our web shop.

Do I get my return costs reimbursed when I return products?
You only get return costs reimbursed when you return your whole order, so all products.

Is it possible to have my product repaired by you?
This highly depends on our suppliers. Contact us for the possibility through email and we will look at the options.