CBD E-Cigarette Starterset Pen Vaporizer (Harmony)

CBD E-Cigarette Starterset Pen Vaporizer (Harmony)

At CBD-Expert we sell the Harmony Pen together with one of two delicious e-liquids with 100 mg CBD, extracted from high quality certified fiber hemp. The e-cigarette and the supplied cartridge are easy to screw together and a single cartridge is enough for 200 to 400 e-cigarette puffs. The e-liquids contain are free of nicotine, of course.

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Harmony's discreet Pen Vaporizer is the perfect mini e-cigarette to enjoy your CBD e-liquids anywhere. The Harmony Pen lives up to its name, as its dimensions do not exceed that of a typical ballpoint. In addition, this e-cigarette is attractively priced and its vapor's quality and taste are very pleasant.

  • Miniature e-cigarette - Rechargeable via USB!
  • E-liquids in two delicious flavors: OG Kush and Mint Hemp
  • Includes E-liquid cartridge: Perfectly fits onto Harmony's Pen Vaporizer
  • Competitively priced
  • Guaranteed nicotine free!


The Harmony CBD Cartridge is available in two different flavors. Therefore, you can decide which refill is best for your e-cigarette. Below you'll see:

  • OG Kush
  • Mint Hemp (Mint)

O.G. stands for Ocean Grown, as the strain originates from the American West Coast. O.G. Kush is a crossing between Indian Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Paki Kush. This e-liquid contains the terpenes linalool and pinene, which provide a juicy and pine/earth-like taste.

Mint provides a refreshing taste that can best be compared to the taste of peppermint or Mojito. If you like a sharp and fresh taste in your mouth, mint hemp flavor is the most suitable.

Harmony Pen: Everywhere CBD with the Practical e-cigarette

Your Harmony Pen comes partially charged. Ready to use, so you can try it out home immediately. Screw your CBD Cartridge (cartridge) onto the Harmony Pen. Inhale through the mouthpiece. During inhalation, your Pen will glow red indicating enough battery power remains to vaporize. Before charging, unscrew the CBD Cartridge from the Pen and exchange it with the USB charger. Connect to USB plug with your computer’s USB port, your car or in a dedicated transformer for the socket; for example from your smartphone.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a substance extracted from the legal industrial hemp plant, which is also used for production of fiber hemp, rope and clothing. Many beneficial properties have been attributed to CBD. CBD oil contributes for example to a healthy state of mind, maintains the natural functioning of the intestines and CBD oil is a natural tranquilizer. CBD oil's versatile, all-round health benefits make it a real superfood.

Cannabidiol, which is the complete name of CBD, is a natural substance. CBD, however, does not induce psychoactive effects. You will not get high or stoned on CBD. Cannabidiol only benefits your natural health and the product is a completely legal.

Ingredients CBD Cartridge

  • OG Kush - Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin, Cannabidiol (CBD) 100 mg, Aromas (D-limonene).
  • Mint Hemp - Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin, Cannabidiol (CBD) 100 mg, Aromas (Carvone, D-limonene).


Harmony's team has more than 8 years of experience with hemp and product development of hemp. The development of hemp products still goes on. Harmony works hard to stay ahead of the competition through innovation. Quality always comes first, and to guarantee this to you as consumer, all Harmony products are thoroughly tested by a third party.

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CBD Safe use of E-liquids

CBD e-Liquids are special e-liquids to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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SKU G-1449
Brand Harmony
content 1ml
CBD content 100 mg
Composition E-liquid

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