Returns and warranty

Return policy
Is a product broken or does the product not satisfy the expectations, then you can return the product. Please include a letter in which you clearly indicate the order number and indicate that it concerns a return sending and include the reason or complaint. Please also provide whether you would like a new product or if you want the purchase amount being returned. Products that are returned need to be in their original packaging and should not have been used. If you try out our products too much and damage is caused to the product, you will need to pay for this. The article needs to be returned within 14 days after purchasing. The return costs are covered by you, the customer. Within the Netherlands returning a package does not cost more than 10 Euros. If you want to have the purchase amount returned, do not forget to indicate you bank account number (IBAN). We will then ensure that the purchase amount (including the normal shipping costs) will be deposited on your bank account within two weeks after reception.

The return shipments can be send to:

Trompet 1715
1967 DB Heemskerk
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)251 206268

Times accessible:
Business days (mo - fr) 09:00 - 21:00 uur
Saturday 12:00 - 16:00 uur

KvK: 57543208
BTW-nr: NL852626496B01

IBAN: NL55INGB0008485075

Right of withdrawal consumer
You can make use of the right of withdrawal after purchase. The format for withdrawal (is placed here), fill this in and we will respond as soon as possible and always within 2 working days.

You don't have a right of withdrawal for a consumer purchase regarding:
Products that can decay or age, such as foods with a limited shelf life. Products that are not suitable for return shipments because of health protection reasons or hygiene and those of which the sealing after delivery is broken. The latter counts for many products of CBD Expert. If you try out our products too much and damage is caused to the product, you will need to pay for this.

The warranty periods differs per manufacturer and per product. As long as the product is within its warranty period, the manufacturer or importer guarantees that the products keeps functioning with normal use. If you product gets broken during the warranty period, we will first try to repair or replace it without any costs. If this is not possible within a reasonable period of time, then we will reimburse (part of) the purchase amount.

Warranty conditions
In the warranty conditions of the supplied products it is indicated what your rights and obligations are during and after the warranty period. No clause in the warranty conditions can limit your legal rights.

No warranty
Failures caused by normal wear, outside violence (damage through sand, falling or humidity), misuse or deferred maintenance are not covered by the warranty.

Replacement product
If it is not possible to repair the broken product within a reasonable amount of time, then we will offer you a new, similar product. We also replace the product when it is less expensive than the reparation or backorder of a missing part. The delivery of a replaced product is without any cost for your within the warranty period. The purchase price of the replaced product might differ from the price of the original product; the difference will not be charged or paid to you.

Vendor warranty
As vendor we are legally obliged to supply products that comply with the expectations you have as consumer. Your rights during the warranty period Part of the purchase price reimbursed We reimburse a part of the purchase price when repairing your product will take an unreasonably long time or when it takes much more time than previously indicated and when this caused too much inconvenience to you. If reparation or replacement is not possible within a reasonable amount of time, the purchase price is reimbursed. The whole purchase price reimbursed If reparation or replacement of the broken product is not possible within a reasonable amount of time, the purchase price is reimbursed.